January 23, 2020

Safety tips for industrial workers


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By Sean Felix Lim

Aside from maintaining continuous growth and stable profit, every business owner must also give equal attention to some issues concerning the safety of the workers. Since the workers can make a big impact on the overall productivity of your daily operations, it is highly essential to keep them away from any risks and hazards that could endanger them both physically and mentally.

One of the most common ways of ensuring the safety of workers is by educating them about several practices and company guidelines that can maximize their chances of survival in case of an emergency or accident.

The condition of the working environment plays a big part in the existence of hazards and risks that could cause either injuries or deaths on the part of the workers. This is especially true for industrial workers, who are regularly exposed to dangerous chemicals as well as unexpected accidents. In fact, in the United States alone, there are over 5,147 recorded deaths involving industrial workers during the year 2017. Majority of these fatalities took place in construction sites, with the leading causes ranging from falls, getting struck by an object, to electrocution.

Below are some of the best tips that can help every industrial worker in ensuring their safety as they do their daily job within the premises of their workplace:

  1. Be mindful of all emergency exits

Emergency exits are designed to provide everyone within the workplace with a safe and precise way to get out of the structure quickly. These places are pretty handy in case of emergency situations such as fires and earthquakes. As much as possible, familiarize yourself with all of its locations and keep them out of any clutter as it could potentially become an obstruction or even a source of injury on your way through.

  1. Avoid tracking hazardous materials

Tracking hazardous chemicals can result in cross-contamination which is highly dangerous even to other non-industrial workers. If you’re regularly working within close proximity of any dangerous chemicals, there is a good chance that your clothes are already contaminated. Make sure that you take them out the moment you leave your working place and never wear them on your way home.

  1. Use all equipment properly

Mastering the use of all company equipment such as machinery and tools is a staple skill of every industrial worker. But unbeknownst to many, proper use of equipment can also be helpful to keep everybody safe from accidents that could cause injuries or deaths. Be mindful of the purpose of each equipment and have them inspected first for any sign of any damages before using.

  1. Give yourself a break

Regardless of how exhausting the daily tasks could be, every job needs to be taken aside for a moment and let the workers enjoy a break time to give themselves some time to rest. Overfatigue can also result in accidents in the workplace so a few minutes to breathing time can help a lot in improving everyone’s focus and alertness level.

  1. Wear appropriate protective gear

An industrial worker must always be covered with personal protective equipment or PPE. These can include safety gears like gloves, helmets, protective clothing, etc. Such items can significantly reduce your likelihood of getting inflicted with any injuries and diseases that could prove to be fatal.

About the Author:

Sean Felix Lim is an author for ten years now and has contributed a lot of his works with industry analysis research for different modern technologies manufacturing companies. He is also a professor and currently teaching Economics.






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