November 21, 2019

Participation of Haiti in Ocean Governance Meeting for Greater Caribbean


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From Sentinel

A delegation from the Ministry of the Environment consisting of Director General Nicole Yolette Altidor and Ms. Alexandra Vanessa Destiny Pierre traveled to Panama to attend the second regional consultation meeting for the establishment of a coordinating mechanism and sustainable financing plan for ocean governance in the Caribbean and the North-Brazilian plateau.

The meeting was attended by country delegates, representatives of intergovernmental organizations and United Nations agencies working in the region.

She considered developing a proposal for establishing a permanent policy coordination mechanism to lead to improved governance of Caribbean oceans. It supports the implementation of the 10-year Strategic Action Program (SAP) (2015-2025) developed within the framework of the 5-Year Project (UNDP / GEF, 2015-2020) on Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystems and of the North-Brazilian Plateau, called CLME +. The meeting allowed, on a consensual basis, to make proposals including:

  • the mandate and functions of the Permanent Coordination Mechanism for Ocean Governance in the Wider Caribbean Region;
  • the establishment in each participating country of the Caribbean Basin of a National Intersectoral Committee to feed the mechanism at the regional level;
  • the role of the Secretariat, countries, intergovernmental organizations, UN agencies, civil society and the private sector within the mechanism;
  • the location of the Secretariat and the sustainable funding options for the operation of the mechanism;
  • the urgent need for non-party countries to accelerate the process of ratification or accession to the Cartagena Convention and its protocols for the protection and enhancement of the marine environment in the Caribbean region.

The findings of the consultation meeting will refine the scope and structure of the ongoing coordination mechanism, refine the funding plan to support the regional governance framework.

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