January 23, 2020

Cayman: The RCIPS “Day of Action” Operation


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Officers conducting vehicle checks in Savannah

On Thursday, 15 August, an RCIPS “Day of Action” took place across Grand Cayman, with a large number of officers carrying out operations simultaneously throughout the day and night. A total of approximately 74 officers participated. The officers carried out duties such as traffic stops, serving warrants, executing search warrants, mobile and foot patrols as well as liquor license premises checks.

Chief Inspector Malcolm Kay making daytime Liquor License check at a local Bar

During the operation 55 tickets were issued on traffic operations for several offenses, including speeding, illegal tint and driving whilst using a mobile phone, 16 warrants were executed and 2 persons were arrested on suspicion of possession and consumption of ganja, as a result of search warrants being executed.   Several liquor license premises were also checked during the day and night, to ensure that they are in compliance with the liquor license law.

Officer carrying out search during the operation “Day of Action”

During the operation, several detectives and other officers who would normally be wearing plain clothes wore uniforms to increase the visibility of police officers. Officers from various specialist units were also re-assigned to carry out front line policing duties during the operation. Additional foot patrols were carried out in certain areas that usually have problems or that are vulnerable to crime.

Superintendent Robbie Graham in charge of Uniform Services states “Aside from the numbers of tickets, arrests, and warrants that were carried out during our day of action operation, the preventative aspect that comes as a result of our increased visibility and strategic patrols cannot be measured. We are always seeking to improve officer visibility to ensure community confidence and reassurance.”  He continued to say “While we cannot redirect our resources this way on a continuous basis, we hope to carry out similar operations more often in the future, as resources and operational needs permit.”

These types of operations are usually carried out annually to test response and operational capabilities on a large scale.

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