December 8, 2019

Cayman Islands police in Eastern Districts yields 26 tickets & 2 arrests


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police in yields 26 tickets & 2 arrests

By Jacqueline Carpenter, From RCIPS

Joint Operation between Uniform and Marine Officers in Eastern Districts Yields Twenty-Six Tickets and Two Arrests on Drug-Related Offences

Joint enforcement activities were conducted throughout the Eastern Districts yesterday by uniform officers conducting traffic checks and foot patrols, as well as the police helicopter, K-9 and marine officers on patrol offshore in the area. The objectives of the joint operations were to curb drunk driving, drug use and other anti-social activities, speeding, and the illegal riding of off-road motorbikes on public roads.

Officers conducted traffic checks on Frank Sound Road and Bodden Town Road throughout the afternoon, issuing twenty-six tickets for expired coupons and licenses, and one warning for prosecution for driving without insurance. The bulk of tickets were issued for expired coupons, a traffic violation which carries with it a fine of $100.

Officers also conducted foot and mobile patrols in the vicinity of Rum Point. During these patrols illegally parked cars were ticketed.

Marine officers observed two persons acting suspiciously onshore, and with the assistance of the police helicopter, officers on land were directed to their location. This gave the RCIPS the opportunity to utilize its recently acquired to approach from the sea as well. The two persons were arrested for possession of ganja and drug-related offences. Checks continued throughout North Sound, including Starfish Point, Kaibo, Rum Point and Harbour House canal order to detect any marine offences, unsafe boating practices and general anti-social behavior. During these patrols officers assisted two persons in distress, one male who had collapsed in the water but was responsive, and another juvenile male who had drifted far from shore on board a raft.

“Our operation yesterday is a good example of a coordination of resources across the Service to address antisocial behaviour, especially illegal motorbike and illegal drug activity on the weekends, but also to render emergency assistance where needed,” said Inspector Rudolph Gordon at the Bodden Town Police Station. “While we are encouraged by less illegal motorbike activity, the motor vehicle collision late yesterday afternoon shows that continued efforts of this type are necessary to curb anti-social activity in all its forms, especially drunk driving.”

Photo: A photo of Rum Point on Sunday afternoon, 20 August. The Niven D is in the lower part of the photo, on patrol.

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