January 26, 2020

Cayman Islands utility company updates the reason for recent outages


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Photo caption: Work being carried out to upgrade the Bodden Town substation

Work on the upgrades to the Bodden Town substation is near completion. That means that customers east of Prospect, excluding North Side, who, within the past month experienced above normal levels of outages, will see an improvement in the reliability of service.

The Bodden Town substation is currently being refurbished and it is anticipated that the substation will be fully back in service by the end of this month. While the substation is out of service, customers who would normally be supplied from the Bodden Town substation are being supplied from the Frank Sound or Prospect substations and are therefore exposed to a greater risk of outages.

CUC has been going through a very active period of substation upgrades. These upgrades will increase capacity and reliability to customers in the affected districts, but in the interim, the necessary configuration to facilitate these upgrades reduces system redundancy and increases the vulnerability to outages.

CUC has begun the construction of a new Prospect Substation with completion expected in 2020. CUC is able to complete the construction with minimal exposure to outages, as the existing substation will remain in service throughout the construction period.

The Frank Sound substation will be upgraded in 2021.

CUC has already completed upgrades to the South Sound, North Sound Road, and Rum Point Substations in October 2018, March 2019 and April 2019 respectively.

Following this major programme of upgrades and refurbishments to the eastern substations, CUC will be able to meet foreseeable load growth with increased reliability for its customers. As the continue to grow and our population increases, CUC continues to invest in our country and our people, consistently striving to achieve our vision of empowering Cayman to be a global leader.

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