January 20, 2020

Bright side

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Looking on the bright side seems socially acceptable while listening on the bright side is to be avoided. This kind of makes sense since we tolerate optimists but run from aggressive sound. The meanings are different and in interesting ways. The bright side of life—or the sunny side of the street (your […]

Opinion: Iran, Iranians, and everyone else

By Jolly Green The Iranians call the USA “The Big Satan.” In the Caribbean and the Americas, Members of the ‘Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America’ [ALBA] call the U.S. “The Empire.”   ALBA members have referred to the U.S. as satanic and often said: “you can smell the sulfur.” Ralph Gonsalves extreme left […]

Martin: A solution to myriad 2020 Appreciation Days

By Melissa Martin Around the globe, there are many national awareness days in any given month. Many of these bring awareness to health concerns and important issues. However, some are official or unofficial days probably declared by the bored, irked or goofy, I assume. Some celebrations are silly, some weird, and some ridiculous. Many revolve […]

US: Trump kills Iran’s terror masterminds

By Michael Savage From Newsmax Yesterday on my show, I finished the first hour talking about what I had seen in my lifetime. Then I said, “tomorrow will bring us more surprises than I think any of us is ready for.” I said, “It looks like an earthquake is brewing underneath the surface. It looks […]

Martin: No eraser for 2019, but a second chance in 2020

By Melissa Martin Will we be the same human beings in the new year? Will this year be different? Will humanity change? Along with 2020 comes the hope and yearning for a more peaceful human race. How do we try to heal from the tragedies of 2019, but not forget? Former Year “Should auld acquaintance […]

OPINION: Vincentians will need 2020 vision to deal with the ULP in 2020

By Jolly Green Since being sworn in as prime minister after the 2015 elections, Ralph Gonsalves and the ULP have never stopped scheming for the next election for a moment.  The ULP dirty tricks department will swing into very top gear this year, due to the upcoming elections in 2020. We are all aware now […]

Secret ingredients

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio You cannot light a sheep on fire. If that particular endeavor happened to be on your bucket list, then I apologize for ruining your day and shortening your list. The secret ingredients in sheep’s wool comes from a high content of nitrogen and water that, together, require more oxygen […]

Martin: Pay attention to the warnings of wake-up calls

Have you ignored the red flashing light on your vehicle’s dashboard? Have you ignored the hole in your shoe? Have you ignored a personal problem? We can miss or even dismiss warning signs of danger ahead. Shock and surprise can knock us off life’s balancing beam. A wake-up call shouts, “Now, I have your attention!” […]

Squandering skills

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio What few maths skills I once possessed rusted away at the hands of a calculator. And similarily, I used to be a whiz at turntable setup, but now it all looks like a mystery. And it’s been 10 years since I sat at my design bench and plugged transistors and […]

Martin: Happy Birthday Earth!

By Melissa Martin The hanging globe we live on is another year older. “Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, Mother Earth. Happy Birthday to you.” Sing along. Earth is our home.  How old is earth? It depends on who you ask. A creationist and an evolutionist will give different answers. A scientist and a Bible […]