December 8, 2019

Rosetta Stone

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio The Rosetta Stone was discovered in July, 1799 by French soldier Pierre-François Bouchard during the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt. It was the first Ancient Egyptian bilingual text recovered in modern times, and it became key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs, ending one of the great mysteries of all time. Until […]

Unexpected pleasures

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio When engineering handed me the fruits of their 10-month journey to build the Stellar Strata amplifier I was somewhat underwhelmed. It just worked. No bells, no whistles, no fireworks. It just flawlessly worked. A team of three full-time programmers had been laboring for nearly a year to make the […]

MILLS: Has the West Indies been smart in its politics and development?

By Oliver Mills West Indians are imported people with an imported culture and institutions. Some of the countries comprising the West Indies, now the Caribbean, were colonies of conquest, while others were colonies of settlement. The settlers brought their institutions and culture to the region, and in the colonies of conquest, the institutions were imposed. […]

Full size

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio There was a time in PS Audio’s history where we only made little boxes. Our first product, the phono preamplifier, was about half the size of a pack of English muffins. We followed that with something closer to the traditional 19″ rack mount stereo equipment of yore, only ours […]

OPINION: Does the Caribbean passport scandal affect Saint Vincent again?

By Jolly Green Today I read the heading “Immunity for sale: Diplomatic passport trade investigated,” That heading was from Dominica News. Then I listened and watched a video recording made by Al Jazeera News Agency, which could be the basis of sending a lot of Caribbean leaders to prison. I advise everyone to watch the […]

OPINION: The ULP means Serving the Massa in SVG

By Jolly Green When Ralph Gonsalves decided to use Parnel Campbell to write a new constitution that would ultimately favor Gonsalves himself, he earnestly hoped and believed he would become President of SVG.  It took some three years for Gonsalves to get a new constitution designed that he thought would ultimately capture the Vincentian people. […]

Martin: Eating your feelings over the holidays

Food is a temporary self-soother for those who use gooey goodies to self-medicate painful emotions. Eating prompts the brain to release endorphins, known as ‘feel good’ chemicals. These chemicals include the neurotransmitter dopamine, which the brain interprets as pleasure, according to a research study described in the 2018 journal Cell Metabolism. “Emotional eating refers to […]

Cayman: MLA Barbara Conolly says “I stand by my promise to do what is right for the benefit of our people”

From Barbara Conolly (GTS) When I campaigned during the 2017 general elections I asked the people to vote for me because I was willing to do what is right for the benefit of our people and these beautiful Cayman Islands. I have thought long and hard about the various issues surrounding the proposed cruise berthing […]

I am always surprised…

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio …but rarely shocked when overwhelming evidence doesn’t at least spark a modicum of curiosity. Take the subject of Climate Change. We might dismiss California’s unprecedented droughts and fires as a warning, but when NASA and 18 scientific bodies again shows clear evidence our world is warming, one would think it […]

The artist

By Paul McGowan from PS Audio Japanese audio manufacturer Yamaha announced the release of their new 5000 series of audiophile products including a $15K pair of speakers, a $10K preamp and $10K amp. Their stated goal is to deliver audio components for the “most discerning and passionate audiophiles.” I wish them well. It would be […]