December 9, 2019

Sanders: Don’t believe the story we’ve been fed – there was a coup d’etat in Bolivia

By SIR RONALD SANDERS From Tribune 242 CALLED by any other name, there was a coup d’état in Bolivia on November 10. To be clear, an elected president and the government were forcibly removed from office. The term in office of Evo Morales, as President of Bolivia, does not expire until January 21, 2020. When […]

OPINION: The peoples popular uprising in Bolivia

By Jolly Green On October 20, 2019, general elections took place in Bolivia. The incumbent, pro-Venezuela and pro-Cuba Evo Morales, was a candidate after ignoring a national referendum that voted not to allow him to run for a third term or be indefinitely re-elected. Morales resorted to the government-controlled Constitutional Courts to annul the will […]

Martin: Disaster diet predictions

By Melissa Martin If a certain diet worked, everybody everywhere would know about it. Food fads travel around the planet and back. Weight loss scams come and go. You lose money and motivation, but not pounds. Or if you initially lose a few pounds, you gain it back and more. Greedy companies prey on people […]

Observations and theories

By Paul McGovern From PS Audio It might sound like a bird’s chirp, but scientists listening to what might be misunderstood as the sound from a video game is actually the billion-year-old echo of the collision of two black holes. This bird-chirp represents something extraordinary, something Einstein predicted more than 100 years ago. Ripples in […]

Martin: Humor for holiday stress

By Melissa Martin nstead of a frazzled freak-out around the hectic holidays, what about trying laughter. Not hysterical ‘lose your mind’ chortling or ‘milk coming out of your nose’ snickering. But, belly-laughing glee with giggles and guffaws.  Funny A hilarious holiday tune—sing along with me. Grandma got run over by a reindeer/ Walking home from […]

MILLS: Education as liberation

By Oliver Mills Education is an active, positive process which expands our consciousness, and enhances our understanding. In this sense, it liberates us from the strictures and barriers that have been imposed on us by society. Liberation implies being unhindered in our movements, not having our thinking being checked in order to restrict our ideas, […]

Measure well, sound bad

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Folks are often stumped when a unit that sounds great doesn’t measure great. Perhaps the THD is high, or the noise levels higher than expected. We chalk the mismatch between measurements and sound quality up to the unknown. It is assumed by many in our industry that the one […]

The Publisher speaks: Holiday Monday – who knows which one?

By Joan Wilson GOD IS GOOD – ALL THE TIME. We are having such a down pour right now (Tuesday) which we badly need. Yesterday (Holiday Monday), however was a beautiful and perfect day for the Gun Bay celebration. On my way up to Gun Bay I thought I’d be rained on according to what […]

Strangling meaning

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio One of my readers emailed me worried about Power Plant regenerators. I thought his concern, along with my answer, might be interesting. The concern is one we get a lot. “All power regenerators limit current. They can only provide a percentage of the total available current in the wall. […]

The Publisher speaks: Missing pair of glasses – you won’t guess where I found them.

By Joan Wilson Gardening is my favorite past time but I do not garden with my glasses on. Last Monday, 10th October, I found myself gardening with my glasses on. I immediately removed them and put them on the back bumper of my SUV. I finished my gardening and cleaning up my place and returned […]