January 27, 2020

Peter Binose: Can one cattle stampede? Can one person be a crowd? Can one person be a revolution? Can one tree be a forest?

By Peter Binose Can one cattle stampede? Can one person be a crowd? Can one tree be a forest? Can one man be a revolution? Can one man be a government? Can one man frighten 110,000 citizens? According to some dictionaries a stampede is uncontrolled concerted running as an act of mass impulse among herd […]

OUR CARIBBEAN: Sovereignty and burden of women

By Rickey Singh, From Nation News Barbados It is to be expected that academics and students of the Cave Hill Campus would be involved in the programme of activities being finalised for Barbados’ celebration of its first half-century of political independence from British colonial rule. Also that pro vice chancellor and principal Professor Eudine Barriteau […]

Peter Binose: Stamping out political protest or demonstration in SVG

By Peter Binose According to Ralph Gonsalves all singing all dancing [the Comrade Skank] the leader of the Unity Labor Party, an unacceptable political protest is any party other than his marching, sitting or standing outside a building, standing or marching on a footpath or on a public road within 200 yards of Parliament or […]

Peter Binose: The Mockery of Frivolous and Malicious Gun Charges

By Peter Binose The Mockery of Frivolous and Malicious Gun Charges in SVG Designed to Take Our Minds off Election Fraud and the Brave Protesters. What is an offensive weapon? Any object that has been made or adapted to cause injury and can cover anything from purpose built weapons such as guns, cutlass and knives, […]

Peter Binose: [Is this] The real reason for Saint Vincent’s Argyle International Airport – Cocaine [?]

By Peter Binose Forget the tourists there is something much more lucrative afoot. It is whispered that recently cocaine barons have injected US$400 million into a group within the Vincentian government for help with setting up an improved link into the US of South Americas cocaine. There are five areas of concern for the South […]

Support for Earl Moona

By Mark Laporte From Caribbean News Now St Lucia is an African nation. St Lucia is a Nigerian county. You doubt that? Will explain in another article. On September 4, 2015, an article appeared online entitled: Caribbean-Nigeria connection expands to St Lucia. When I use the phrase ‘that article’ I refer to the September 4, […]

A rupture in Europe, but whose politics will prevail?

By Rachel Shabi From AlJazeer t’s a bleakly depressing map – an aptly illustrative closing curtain on a bleakly depressing year. Bad enough that the nightmarish war in Syria unleashed the biggest refugee crisis since World War II. Horrendous enough that the menace of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s deadly bombs, along with the Islamic State of […]

Ambitious entrepreneur wants to create the future Davos of the Caribbean

By Christopher Kai From Huffington Post I recently had a chance to speak with an ambitious entrepreneur named Kirk-Anthony Hamilton who wants to spotlight Jamaica not just as a vacation destination but as a future global business powerhouse. He created The Destination Experience, an exclusive three-day event that begins this week on January 14 – 16 […]

Opinion: Human Rights in SVG

By Peter Binose The ‘United Nations Charter of Human Rights’ as Ignored and Abused by the ‘Unity Labour Party SVG’. Preamble [applicable almost everywhere but not in SVG] Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and […]

Tourism Matters: Unjustified fuel surcharges

By Adrian Loveridge From Caribbean News Now According to a statement issued recently, the 200-plus airline members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are poised to deliver a higher than forecast record profit in 2015 and should see a further earnings increase in 2016, literally ‘fueled’ by oil prices near seven-year lows. Profits for […]