December 8, 2019

The Editor speaks: You MUST come forward

Dinesh Asanka Fernando Wannukawatta-Waduge, age 36, a Sri-Lankan national working in Cayman, died from injuries he had received during an incident at Bananas Bar in Dolphin Plaza on Eastern Avenue early Saturday morning, 30 November. The RCIPS are appealing for witnesses. RCIPS detectives have been reviewing CCTV footage taken during the incident, and have determined […]

Rosetta Stone

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio The Rosetta Stone was discovered in July, 1799 by French soldier Pierre-François Bouchard during the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt. It was the first Ancient Egyptian bilingual text recovered in modern times, and it became key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs, ending one of the great mysteries of all time. Until […]

The Editor speaks: Heads need banging together

I applaud our Police Commissioner, Derek Byrne, for his stand to not grant road-closure permission to CayMAS nor Batabano Committee for their proposed 2020 carnival events. He said his approach “was it is not that we could not manage it or could not handle it. There were two events in quick succession requiring very high […]

Unexpected pleasures

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio When engineering handed me the fruits of their 10-month journey to build the Stellar Strata amplifier I was somewhat underwhelmed. It just worked. No bells, no whistles, no fireworks. It just flawlessly worked. A team of three full-time programmers had been laboring for nearly a year to make the […]

The Editor speaks: Miracles DO happen Mr. Premier

Premier, Alden McLaughlin, must be very upset with himself for saying out loud how confident he was in the Referendum on Government’s proposed cruise berthing and cargo port project would be found in his favor on December on 19th December. He was so confident he said words to the effect that only a miracle would […]

MILLS: Has the West Indies been smart in its politics and development?

By Oliver Mills West Indians are imported people with an imported culture and institutions. Some of the countries comprising the West Indies, now the Caribbean, were colonies of conquest, while others were colonies of settlement. The settlers brought their institutions and culture to the region, and in the colonies of conquest, the institutions were imposed. […]

The Philippines is the best diving destination according to the World Travel Awards

From Rappler MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines bagged the Best Diving Destination award at the World Travel Awards 2019. The event ws held in Muscat, Oman last November 28. In a press release, the Department of Tourism shared that the country won over places such as Azores Islands, Bora Bora in French Polynesia, Cayman Islands, Fiji, […]

Full size

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio There was a time in PS Audio’s history where we only made little boxes. Our first product, the phono preamplifier, was about half the size of a pack of English muffins. We followed that with something closer to the traditional 19″ rack mount stereo equipment of yore, only ours […]

The Editor speaks: Christmas tree uprooted and bees dying – Government blamed, madness prevails.

Words don’t often fail me but today was almost one of those rare occasions. However, I have pulled myself up from those depths all of us face at some time in our lives. This missive today is from a man grieving from a family death but it still packs a punch from me that I […]

The Editor speaks: Love and marriage – where is love?

My stance to same-sex marriage is an emphatic NO!!! My stance to the statements by a number of our MLA;s in the LA to deport Dr Leo Raznovich, who is a legal resident here, is an emphatic NO!!! I find the rhetoric in the LA yesterday, especially from Anthony Eden and Ezzard Miller, appalling. I […]