December 6, 2019

STEM-focused drones & robots

DJI’s new line of STEM-focused drones and robots make great gifts By STACKCOMMERCE From Mashable As fun as it is to indulge in theories about robots taking over, it would be unwise for us to fear technology. Especially when DJI’s new line of ridiculously fun products challenge minds, improve skills in fields of science and […]

Cayman: No need to panic about new fines and penalties regime: CIMA

From Captive International “Captives do not need to panic,” about the implementation of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority’s (CIMA) new fines and penalties regime, according to Ruwan Jayasekera, head of insurance at CIMA. Speaking at the Cayman Captive Forum, Jayasekera said CIMA is only implementing a new fines and penalties regime to demonstrate that it […]

Commuting to school in snow

Kids in Finland Commuting to School by Bicycle and Sled, in Snow, at Negative-22 Degrees By Rain Noe From Core77 “You can use your single-speed upright granny bike with summer tires all year long” I’m a native New Yorker and former die-hard urbanite. But now I’ve given the city up for good, and have permanently […]

Climate change is causing birds to shrink, study says

By Kelsey Viamis From BBC News As the climate warms, birds are shrinking and their wingspans are growing, according to a new study. Researchers analysed 70,716 specimens from 52 North American migratory bird species collected over 40 years. The birds had died after colliding with buildings in Chicago, Illinois. The authors say the study is […]

Cool specialty hinge

Cool Specialty Hinge Allows You to Turn an Ordinary Door Into a No-Flap, Disappearing Pet Door By Rain Noe From Core77 You’ll need to make one cut with a circular saw ’d like to install a pet door, so that my two dogs could get outside into the dog run by themselves. But after I […]

Artisans with millimetric precision

Highly skilled craftsmen hand-shape the die castings that create the different parts of SEAT models Die makers perform more than 2,000 verifications to avoid any kind of imperfection Dual Training is key to preparing new generations and ensuring that this artisan skill stays alive Martorell, 04/12/2019. Their hands create one-of-a-kind pieces but instead of being exhibited […]

Tesla Cybertruck reservations hit 200,000

By Kirsten Korosec From TechCrunch Tesla  has received 146,000 reservations [Nov 23 2019] to order the Tesla Cybertruck, pulling in some $14.6 million in deposits just two days after the company’s CEO Elon Musk unveiled the futuristic and angled vehicle. UPDATE: On Sunday, Musk tweeted reservations have hit 187,000. Later that evening he tweeted that it had hit […]

Unexpected pleasures

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio When engineering handed me the fruits of their 10-month journey to build the Stellar Strata amplifier I was somewhat underwhelmed. It just worked. No bells, no whistles, no fireworks. It just flawlessly worked. A team of three full-time programmers had been laboring for nearly a year to make the […]

New report from Four Twenty Seven outlines the scientific foundation of scenario analysis for physical climate risks

Scenario Analysis for Physical Climate Risks December 4, 2019 – Berkeley, CA – Four Twenty Seven, an affiliate of Moody’s and the leading publisher of climate data for financial markets, today released a report outlining an approach to performing scenario analysis for physical climate risks for financial stakeholders. Quantifying climate risks under different scenarios is an […]

9 things you don’t know about plumbers

From Mr Rooter Plumbing The industry of plumbing has developed and improved alongside the growth in construction and real estate market. Therefore, it might easy for many people to perceive this industry as a sector that has already reached its peak – both in terms of technology, processes, and the people in this line of […]