November 13, 2019

Transporting cars by train

The strange ways that they used to transport cars by train By Rain Noe From Core77 Vertically, for instance Here’s a next-to-last-mile problem. Back in the day, after all of the considerable design, engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing work that goes into producing a new car was completed, automakers faced a logistical problem: How to […]

Best Halloween Costume

Best Halloween Costume for a Couple, Ever By Rain Noe From Core77 Get to the chopper If I’m honest I think the schlong part is a bit much, but I found the overall concept funny. RAIN NOE Rain Noe is a writer and industrial designer based in New York City. For more on this story […]

Mars the Final Frontier?

Is Mars the Final Frontier for Design? By Alexandra Alexa From Core77 At London’s Design Museum, “Moving to Mars” explores “the role that design will play in humanity’s journey to the Red Planet” Despite the difficult journey and inhospitable conditions on Mars, humans remain intent on getting there. Ventures such as NASA and ESA’s Orion […]

Illust. of Armando Veve

The Surreal Illustrations of Armando Veve From Designer Daily With his delicate drawings and surreal themes, Armando Veve creates illustrations for large magazines and brands all around the world. Based in Philadelphia, the artist and illustrator designs subtle pieces that he displays on his website or on his Instagramaccount. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mirko Humbert Mirko Humbert is the […]

The Editor speaks: Halloween and horror is thrilling. Really?

The 31st October is approaching. It is less than a week away. This day is celebrated as “Halloween” and is also known as All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve. This is because it is the day before the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. Halloween has spurned many, many books and nearly as […]

This October dare to explore these five terrifying and spooky destinations!

For all horror movie fans who say fear doesn’t fit into their vocabulary, this article is for you. On your next trip, diverge from the traditional and boring tourist attractions and dare to visit these five spooky destinations, where your vacation will be even scarier than your favorite horror movie. Enough of the folk tales […]

Gadget of the week

The Pakt Coffee Kit is a nearly perfect pour-over solution for travel By Billy Steele From engadget For the last three years, I’ve tried in vain to put together a travel coffee kit for CES. Because we’re in Las Vegas for so long, I really want the comforts of home in the form of a […]

Soap: Alternative packaging

This Plastic-Alternative Packaging for Personal Care Products Is Made Entirely Out of Soap By Alexandra Alexa from Core77 When you’re done with the contents inside, use the “bottle” to scrub up On average we each go through eleven bottles of shower gel and ten bottles of shampoo a year—and that’s without factoring in all the […]

Saudi Arabia is admitting general tourists for the first time. Here are 20 things that could get you arrested or fined, like dabbing, carrying a Bible, or wearing shorts

By Bill Bostosck From Business Insider The country is full of wonder, with five pristine UNESCO heritage sights, Red Sea beach resorts, and futuristic cities like Riyadh. But the kingdom’s laws are complicated, and tourists can easily fall foul of them and receive a hefty fine, or worse. Here’s what to look out for. Visit […]

Allow this dog to convince you that he’s a baby

By Nicole Gallucci From Mashable The internet can be extremely stressful at times, but it can also offer 25 seconds of pure, wholesome bliss that you can watch on a loop. Take this video of a dog pretending to be a baby, for example. The precious “Staffordshire bull terrier pit bull cross” seen above is […]