January 19, 2020

Top of the room

By Paul McGovern From PS Audio One of the most ignored part of the room is right above our heads. The ceiling—often flat, sometimes arched, broken up with timbers, slanted, domed, and everything in between. We position our speakers in the room more to keep the wall dimensions and layout happiest but rarely do we […]

WGN/Chicago cuts ties to Crain’s Chicago business after article speculates about station sale

From All Access An article in CRAIN’S CHICAGO BUSINESS about the programming changes at NEXSTAR News-Talk WGN-A/CHICAGO and speculating about the station being sold has resulted in the station cutting ties with the publication, reports ROBERTFEDER.COM. CRAIN’S editors and reporters were regulars on WGN shows, including the midday “WINTRUST BUSINESS LUNCH,” and WGN hosted the “CRAIN’S […]

Structure with tech-enabled hubs, ‘Employee Dislocation’

From ALL ACCESS iHEARTMEDIA has revamped the organizational structure of its Markets Group that it says will put markets into three divisions and add a fourth covering multiple markets and will create hubs to consolidate programming, marketing, digital, podcasts, sales and sales support resources. The company characterizes the move as “moderniz(ing) the company to take […]

Mandolins make a comeback, but there’s still reason to fret

By Adam Bernstein From Chicago Tribune “Watch the sale of the banjo, mandolin and guitar; when it falls off, there is something wrong with the musical progress of the nation. These are instruments of the people.” John Philip Sousa, 1907 They have endured swing, rock, disco, rap, hip-hop and swing again. But you’ve probably never […]

Evidence of absence

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio There’s a famous aphorism that really resonates with me. “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” Just because traditional audio measurements don’t tell us much of anything about how a product sounds doesn’t mean all same measuring products sound alike. Yes, it’s the old measurements vs. listening debate […]


Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris is pleased to once more update citizens and residents of St. Kitts and Nevis on matters of national interest. The Honourable Prime Minister’s monthly press conference will be held on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 from 3:00pm in the Parliamentary Lounge at Government Headquarters.  It was previously scheduled for tomorrow, […]

Outer vs. inner

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio How important is the outer casework of your equipment? For me, it matters a great deal. I want the outside to reflect what’s inside. And yet I can just as easily turn those feelings off and enjoy the performance of a new design that’s built on top of a […]

Bright side

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Looking on the bright side seems socially acceptable while listening on the bright side is to be avoided. This kind of makes sense since we tolerate optimists but run from aggressive sound. The meanings are different and in interesting ways. The bright side of life—or the sunny side of the street (your […]

Understanding the mobility adoption, trends, and its future outlook

From Scalefusion Today Gen Z comprises 32% of the total global population of 7.7 billion. Well, that’s a big number! This generation will soon start working with some of the prominent brands, and some might even want to begin their entrepreneurial journey. The point is, these tech-savvy youngsters are born with mobiles in their hands, […]

“Alexa, put on the heating in my Huracán EVO” Automobili Lamborghini is first automaker to incorporate full in-car control by Amazon Alexa

Sant’Agata Bolognese/Las Vegas, 7 January 2020 – Automobili Lamborghini incorporates Alexa in its Huracán EVO range in 2020, enhancing its super sports car driving experience with the cloud-based voice service from Amazon. The first Huracán EVO equipped with Alexa is on display at the global stage for innovation, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, from […]