November 14, 2019

The Editor speaks: “Those who fly us, Love us”

Soon after winning awards as “The Best Airline”, many now have not been happy with the delays and cancellations over the past week the airline have had. The slogan “Those who fly us, Love us” is not one many passengers have been singing. However, is it Cayman Airways fault? In a new Release the Airline […]

The Editor speaks: Jamaica Independence Day

Today our Jamaican neighbours are celebrating their independence from the UK. Congratulations. It has taken fiftyseven years to nearly reach a milestone of sixty. It hasn’t been a pretty road but at long last there are good signs for this country. PM Andrew Holness, in his Independence Address, says,”we have much to be thankful for: […]

The Editor speaks: Emancipation Day

Yesterday (Sunday) I was present at St George’s Anglican Church where Jamaica’s Independence Day (actually tomorrow Tue 6) was celebrated. Tagged with it was Emancipation Day. One can hardly “celebrate”Emancipation Day to its fullest because, although it is observed in many former European colonies in the Caribbean and areas of the United States commemorate the […]

The Editor speaks: Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not a subject I feel comfortable to write about. Why is that? Am I embarrassed at someone thinking I’m a pervert? Probably, but it is inborn in me from my early youth – yes I am in my mid seventies, when breastfeeding was a subject people didn’t speak about. In fact is wasn’t […]

The Editor speaks: The Deputy Governor stands by his beleaguered CO

I have known Jennifer Ahearn for a very long time, mainly through my time with the Cayman Drama Society. I count her as a friend. What Jennifer is like to work with, I don’t know. I do know she was very easy to direct and not once was there any problems between me or any […]

The Editor speaks: No need for Referendum. Thank you!

“Don’t you think the general public should know exactly what the Port Project entails?” “Don’t you think government should be completely open and tell us exactly what it is going to cost the country?” “Don’t you think we should be shown the plans? All the above were the questions thrown at me and my wife […]

The Editor speaks: Good announcement marred by name calling

When will politicians learn that by slamming the press by name gives them more readership? McKeeva Bush took a long time to learn that lesson when he ranted and raged on Cayman News Service when they weren’t the voice they are today. They loved it. Now our premier, Alden McLaughlin, has not learnt from that. […]

The Publisher speaks: Buy Caymanian

From Joan Wilson This is something I always tried to do and not order on line from Amazon or get on a plane and go to Miami. Now, as I am much older I have to buy here. When I was flipping through the pages of my Book “Buried Treasure” I found a poem I […]

The Editor speaks: When even too much ice cream is a bad thing

I love ice cream. It is one of my favourites. However, when I eat too much of it, minutes apart, I quickly have had enough. I like watching Game Shows, along with my wife, Joan. However, even when they are mixed up a bit, with Wheel of Fortune, followed by Jeopardy, then Family Feud. I […]

The Editor speaks: No hiding place

“No Hiding Place“ was a British television series that was produced at Wembley Studios by Associated-Rediffusion for the ITV network between 16 September 1959 and 22 June 1967. It starred Raymond Francis as Detective Superintendent, later Detective Chief Superintendent Tom Lockhart. It was one of my favourite TV shows as a teenager and young adult. […]