December 6, 2019

The Editor Speaks: What a waste

The government’s Water Authority has once again advertised for tenders to be submitted for the acquisition and ownership of  “the public wastewater infrastructure on Grand Cayman, and to operate and maintain the sewerage system and to provide wastewater services under an exclusive 25-year licence.” It is estimated that Grand Cayman’s waste is worth approx. $20 […]

Joan Wilson (related to the first two Caymanian families) apologises to Governor

 This is my response to the premier’s reply to the governor who commented on the premier’s allegations on a television show. Whilst Governor Taylor’s press release to Hon. McKeeva Bush’s assertions that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, including  himself, were without foundation and written in a diplomatic manner, the premier’s was not. It was disgraceful. […]

The Editor Speaks: Where are our heroes? If you want a joint go to Northward prison

Our National Heroes Day is this Monday 23rd January at 9am and is the islands’ largest national celebration. The theme of this year’s celebration is education. Traditional elements include uniform parades, choirs, live music and laying of wreaths in remembrance. Primarily it is the day to honour Cayman’s heroes. It is people who make a […]

The Editor Speaks: Cellphones in cars, DART, the premier is amused – the editor is not, lost NOT found

In an Associated Press article by Joan Lowy published on 15th Dec., the writer suggests, “When someone is talking to you, your brain is listening, processing and thinking about what’s being said — even if you’re in the driver’s seat trying to concentrate on traffic. That’s why drivers get distracted during cellphone conversations, even when […]

The Editor Speaks: Drinking and blogging

It is utterly appalling that all the warnings the RCIPS have been giving over the past few weeks about drinking and driving a lot of motorists are ignoring them. There was a fatal accident on Esterley Tibbetts Highway on Nov 30 due to a driver who has now been charged with DUI and another who […]

Christmas Morning of Yesterday

It was no ordinary Christmas morning for me As I opened the bedroom door to have a peep Just so excited and eager for the sun to rise So I could quickly claim my Santa surprise So quietly I closed the bedroom door Returning to my bedroom as I said before Just a minute or […]

The Editor speaks: More worries

I am in danger of getting my wrists slapped again by the premier for ‘jumping on the band wagon’ by seeming to support claims made by North Side MLA Ezzard Miller. Mr. Miller is suspicious of how the year on year projections increase in such a uniform manner against the global uncertainty that had been […]


Do not gloat over anyone’s death; remember that we all have to die. Ecclesiasticus 8:7  

The Editor speaks: Two out of three

In my Editorial on Wednesday (7) I was in an apologetic mood under the banner “I Could Have Been Mistaken”. I went to great pains to show the reasons why Cayman’s Legal Department and Justice Quin allowed the trial of the murder of  Omar Samuels to go ahead. The accused, Patrick McField, Osbourne Douglas and […]

The Editor speaks: The Crown loses, again

Not surprisingly, the crown’s case against the two men who were charged with robbing two visitors at Barefoot Beach, in East End last February, ended with no case to answer against one of the men and the second man was found not guilty. I say not surprisingly not out of any malice or complaints about […]