December 15, 2019


Due to a death in the owners’ of iNews Cayman family, you will notice that not all your regular content will be updated, including editorials. We apologise for this and hope you understand during this very sad time.

The Editor speaks: A dear ‘friend’ I met 36 years ago, who wasn’t a friend

It is with much, much sadness to learn today of the passing yesterday (Monday) of veteran journalist, Carol Winker. I first met Carol over thirty-six years ago when I was starting my extra-marital hobby – dramatics. When I wasn’t in a play, or not directing one, I wrote a series of articles about how the […]

The Publisher speaks: Poem – “What a Find”

By Joan E. Wilson As promised yesterday, here is the poem relating to the last incident described in the story. And thank you to Chris Johnson who placed the lovely comment on the website. Yes, Chris, there are still many, many, honest people about, and not just us Caymanians. WHAT A FIND By Joan (Watler) […]

The Editor speaks: health, garbage, and marine preservation

What exactly did Health Minister, Dwayne Seymour, tell us in his two hour address to the latest budget debate in the Legislative Assembly last Monday? For me – very little of any importance. Greater focus on mental health was one that includes a mental care unit for adolescents. Some services would be moved away from […]

The Editor speaks: Diabetes

World Diabetes Day was last Thursday 14th. We published articles then and even today. Why? Because I believe that everyone of you know someone with diabetes, even if you aren’t aware of it. 29.1 million people in the United States have diabetes, but 8.1 million may be undiagnosed and unaware of their condition. About 1.4 […]

The Editor speaks: Men’s Day – are you laughing?

Did you know that Tuesday November 19th is International Men’s Day? I didn’t? I haven’t received a Press Release from one of our government ministers applauding the day, unlike the female version. Yes men. It is us that have become second class. And we allowed it to happen. Actually, government (GIS) did arrange two activities […]

The Editor speaks: There are more questions than answers

Do some of you remember the popular Johnny Nash song of yesteryear, “There are more questions than answers”? The Chorus goes: “Pictures in my mind I will not show There are more questions than answers And the more I find out the less I know Yeah the more I find out the less I know” […]

Measure well, sound bad

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Folks are often stumped when a unit that sounds great doesn’t measure great. Perhaps the THD is high, or the noise levels higher than expected. We chalk the mismatch between measurements and sound quality up to the unknown. It is assumed by many in our industry that the one […]

The Publisher speaks: Holiday Monday – who knows which one?

By Joan Wilson GOD IS GOOD – ALL THE TIME. We are having such a down pour right now (Tuesday) which we badly need. Yesterday (Holiday Monday), however was a beautiful and perfect day for the Gun Bay celebration. On my way up to Gun Bay I thought I’d be rained on according to what […]

The Publisher speaks: Missing pair of glasses – you won’t guess where I found them.

By Joan Wilson Gardening is my favorite past time but I do not garden with my glasses on. Last Monday, 10th October, I found myself gardening with my glasses on. I immediately removed them and put them on the back bumper of my SUV. I finished my gardening and cleaning up my place and returned […]