January 27, 2020

The Publisher’s Xmas: Christmas Frustrations

From Joan Wilson I was standing in the checkout line My attitude was getting worse I had no more patience left nor mind And less and less money in my purse * People were pushing and shoving With aching arms from my heavy basket I had lost my Christmas spirit And I didn’t even try […]

The Publisher’s Xmas: Christmas in the Air

By Joan Wilson Oh, but it’s beautiful this time of year, There’s singing and a lot of parties everywhere. Happy shoppers are buying gifts galore As the shops keep stocking up, more and more. * The lights are hung and shining bright, They’re every colour and make a gorgeous sight. Programmes in the church telling […]

The Publisher’s Xmas: Christmas morning of yesterday

By Joan Wilson It was no ordinary Christmas morning for me As I opened the bedroom door to have a peep. Just so excited and eager for the sun to rise So I could quickly claim my Santa surprise. * So quietly I closed the bedroom door Returning to my bedroom as I said before. […]

The Editor speaks: Auditor General implies Report on Summary Courts was difficult

Cayman Islands Auditor General, Sue Winspear, appears to have had some difficulty in coming to positive conclusions in her recent report that centred mainly on the lower Summary Courts. We published the summary of her Report on iNews two days ago. “The need for a new court house is not in question as the current […]

Oliver Mills: The thinking citizen: a standard-bearer of democracy

By Oliver Mills Our world today seems to be undergoing transformations at an accelerated pace. We read of and view street demonstrations happening on almost every continent at levels never before witnessed. Even in countries with previously some semblance of stability now face social challenges to do with the distribution of wealth, unemployment, freedom of […]

The Editor speaks: My RANT!!

I have been told before I should not use this platform for a personal RANT! I am ignoring this well intentioned advice. I’m going to RANT. It’s not a long RANT. But it is a RANT. Unfortunately it’s directed at our police – or the unknown (by me) senior officer who decided to instruct his […]

The Publisher speaks: My Tribute

MY TRIBUTE – TO MY SON, NIGEL By Joan (Phillips) Evangeline Wilson STEPHEN NIGEL PHILLIPS, my second child, born in England, 25th August, 1958. Top Artist, Musician, Electrician (the tidiest one on Earth), Swimmer, Tennis Player, Pianist. Nigel was a friend to all, especially the less fortunate. He was a Father to a beautiful daughter, […]

The Editor speaks: You MUST come forward

Dinesh Asanka Fernando Wannukawatta-Waduge, age 36, a Sri-Lankan national working in Cayman, died from injuries he had received during an incident at Bananas Bar in Dolphin Plaza on Eastern Avenue early Saturday morning, 30 November. The RCIPS are appealing for witnesses. RCIPS detectives have been reviewing CCTV footage taken during the incident, and have determined […]

The Editor speaks: Heads need banging together

I applaud our Police Commissioner, Derek Byrne, for his stand to not grant road-closure permission to CayMAS nor Batabano Committee for their proposed 2020 carnival events. He said his approach “was it is not that we could not manage it or could not handle it. There were two events in quick succession requiring very high […]

The Editor speaks: Miracles DO happen Mr. Premier

Premier, Alden McLaughlin, must be very upset with himself for saying out loud how confident he was in the Referendum on Government’s proposed cruise berthing and cargo port project would be found in his favor on December on 19th December. He was so confident he said words to the effect that only a miracle would […]