January 22, 2020

The dangers of cheap dive watches

Why would anyone buy a cheap dive watch? Do they have a death wish? Hopefully they mean they want an inexpensive watch that meets the demands of scuba diving. The word cheap brings to mind characteristics of not just inexpensive, but low, or questionable quality of a ‘throw-away’ nature. If your dive watch stops working […]

The Editor Speaks: Good and bad finance news

The good news first. The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority in their November magazine “The Navigator” had two headlines: “Cayman Continues Captive Growth” and “Formations Up 93 Percent”. Third quarter figures from the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority show the continued resilience of Cayman’s captive insurance sector. CIMA licensed 29 captive insurance companies in the first nine […]

Watch your BMR

Do you watch your BMR? I do and you should too. I can hear you saying, “What is Georgina talking about? BMR? What’s that? A motor bike? Something to do with the military? Some form of bio medical research?” No. Not even close. BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate, and is essentially an estimate of […]

Shooting, robbery, protests, road death, rescue, heaven and more

Once upon a time, not such a long time ago, there were three peaceful islands in the Caribbean – the islands that time forgot. Time has a habit of catching up and often catching people unawares. What a week this has been for one of these (forgotten) three islands – Grand Cayman – the largest […]

More bad news for the RCIPS

It was both a good day and a bad day last Tuesday (29) when the Court of Appeal quashed the murder convictions of Patrick McField, Osbourne Douglas and Brandon Leslie. It was a good day because justice can be seen to have been done even if some members of the public do not agree with […]

The Editor speaks: When is bad press really bad?

I have read a lot of bad press concerning the Cayman Islands. I have read many a blog painting a terrible picture of these Islands. However, nothing has made me angrier than Steven Knipp’s piece of garbage he wrote for the new Highbrow Magazine. See Georgina Wilcox’s article on the subject yesterday (30). His piece […]

The Editor speaks: Should we ban jet skis?

Jet skis are banned on Tobago’s south west peninsula, no jet skis are allowed in Anguilla, and they cannot be used in the British Virgin Islands. I have to ask the question, “Should jet skis/wave runners be banned here?” In the wake of the terrible accident last Thursday (24) when a 16 year old cruise […]

British Bobbies leave

It was no surprise to me to hear the negative feedback regarding the announcement by RCIPS Commissioner, David Baines, that twelve members of the UK officers who came to assist our police here have left. I even had a respected friend email me saying it was a “costly waste of time.” My answer was “how […]

The Editor speaks: Christmas cracker crackdown by RCIPS

If any one has any complaining to do about the RCIPS’s seasonal police road safety crackdown this year, codenamed Operation Christmas Cracker, beginning on Monday 28th Nov., we have only ourselves to blame. “Last year we were so disappointed by the blatant disregard that people showed for safety on our roads that we called for […]

Power to the Police

One of John Lennon’s famous songs is “Power to the People.” The song has been a rallying cry ever since. Actually people’s power, especially in the Western Countries has diminished. In the wake of terrorist threats, 9/11, and similar events the basic legal right – the “presumption of innocence”, where the burden of proof is […]