January 18, 2020

The Editor speaks: Government agencies have “too much red tape to humbug progress”

How many times have we, the public at large, had to deal with government agencies executing willy nilly “too much red tape to humbug progress”? All the time. And now our Lord Chief Justice,Anthony Smellie, has encountered it and uttered the exact statement I have used in my Editorial title – “too much red tape […]

The Editor speaks: It’s Hot, Hot, Hot! And even hotter!

It’s not just outside on the land that’s getting more hot – so is the sea – and even hotter! The science journal, “Advances in Atmospheric Sciences” has concluded the past five consecutive years were the top five warmest years in the ocean historically. This provides even more clear evidence of the climate emergency. More […]

Xmas trees for mulch/”Recycled pitiful me” – The Publisher speaks

We have been asked to repeat the PSA below and it seemed to be appropriate to also repeat my poem I wrote about the “merry mulch”. DEH set to collect Christmas trees for Mulch The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) wishes to advise the public that bins have now been placed for the public to […]

The Editor speaks: Is China good for the Caribbean?

We have published two articles today, both Commentaries, both on similar subject matter – CHINA, and both with differing views. One is from a regular Commentator we publish, Sir Ronald Sanders, and the other a first for us, Evan Ellis, a member of the Policy Planning staff at the US State Department. Ellis’ commentary is […]

The Editor speaks: I’m a blue-eyed boy

The idiom, blue eyed boy or blue eyed girl, refers to a someone who is liked, admired and often favoured by someone in authority. It is an expression more often used in Britain and Australia than in American English, and is often used with a derogatory or envious tone of voice and/or feelings of resent. […]

The Editor speaks: How long have we all been saying “We need a new prison”?

Over the last twenty-five years and more there have been visits from overseas prison inspectors, prison directors, senior prison officers, judges, MLA’s et.al., and they all say the same thing: “The Cayman Islands needs a new prison.” The last UK’s Prison Inspection catalogued a whole list of defects that had to be put right immediately, […]

The Editor speaks: Global warming

It has just been confirmed that 2019 was the second hottest year on record. There is no doubt about that. However, there is doubt that there is in fact climate change despite most of the media and most of the scientists claiming it is real. Why is that? US President Donald Trump thinks it is […]

The Editor speaks: Sex is more complicated than it once was

Once upon a time, as all good stories start, one’s sex (your gender) meant you were either male or female. It was that simple. Not anymore. The word “sex” to identify someone sexual orientation (gender) – male or female, is now removed by many countries. Belize is the latest country to change “sex” to “sexual […]

2020 Carib Travel Awards

OECS Member States excel at 2020 Caribbean Travel Awards Tuesday, January 7, 2020 — The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States extends heartiest congratulations to the OECS Member States that topped the Caribbean Journal’s 2020 ‘Caribbean Travel Awards’ – winning 8 of the 21 prestigious tourism honours. This year’s Caribbean Travel Awards included winners across 21 categories, selected by […]

The Editor speaks: New Year Resolutions

Another New Year has gone. My 76th one. Can you guess how old I am? No prize if you’re right. A dunce cap if you’re wrong. I have a question for you? Actually, more than one. Did you make any Resolutions this year? Did you make any Resolutions last year? The year before? Etc.? Etc.? […]