January 20, 2020

TCI to tap into multi-million shark and ray tourism

By Olivia Rose THE BAHAMAS National Trust (BNT) is set to assist the Turks and Caicos Islands in boosting its shark and ray diving tourism. This collaboration will also see measures being put in place to further protect sharks and stingrays in the TCI. The Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR) recently held two […]

Another dead whale found with over 1,000 pieces of plastic in its stomach

By: Alicia Grae From Care2 In another tragedy for marine mammals who are being impacted by trash, a dead sperm whale was found in Indonesia with more than 1,000 pieces of plastic in its stomach. According to the New York Times, the whale, who washed up on Wakatobi National Park, was too decomposed for officials to […]

Cayman Islands Humane Society: Adopt Popeye

From Cayman Islands Humane Society Popeye is one handsome fella in need of new digs. He loves to play with other dogs. Popeye enjoys interacting with all staff and volunteers. He loves to go out on walks and enjoys some play time in the field. This happy go lucky fella deserves his forever home. Our […]

Update on Cayman Islands Green Iguana cull count

Cayman Islands DoE has adjusted (slightly) the Green Iguana cull totals as updated information has come in to the cull manager (Cornwall Consulting). The changes are reflected (see below) as they now appear on our website and, for your ease, I have attached the chart of the running daily totals. The adjustment, in the aggregate, […]

South Korea’s slaughterhouse shut down

South Korea shuts down its largest dog meat slaughterhouse By: Alicia Graef From Care2 Animal advocates are celebrating a major milestone among efforts to end the dog meat trade in South Korea with the closure of the country’s largest slaughterhouse. It’s estimated that around 2.5 million dogs are raised and slaughtered for their meat every […]

Absolute moo-nit: Look at this really big cow

BY CHLOE BRYAN From Mashable Friends, gather round. We’d like you to look at this really big cow (OK, steer) named Knickers, who is six feet, three inches tall and currently dwarfing his peers on a farm in Western Australia. Knickers, a seven-year-old Holstein Friesian, who was originally purchased to lead other cattle around, currently […]

Cat tongue properties

An Observant Mechanical Engineer’s Discovery of Surprising Cat Tongue Properties BY RAIN NOE From Core77 Dr. Alexis Noel was watching her family’s cat clean itself, as you do when you go home for the holidays, when she noticed that his tongue kept getting caught on the blanket he was sitting on. That would be a […]

Rare footage captured of the world’s most endangered rhino

By: Alicia Graef From Care2 A lucky team of conservationists has shared an encounter of a lifetime after capturing rare images and footage of an elusive, and critically endangered, Javan rhino. Javan rhinos were once widespread across India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Southern China, but have decimated over the years. […]

Do pets really make people healthier?

By: Mary Daly From Care2 Who exactly are the people sharing their homes with animals? And how does it affect their lives? One large study aimed to explore just that. It’s been widely reported that pet scan improve our health — both mentally and physically. But it might not be that simple. Here’s what researchers […]

Comfort Dogs provide hugs to help Thousand Oaks Heal

By: Laura Goldman From Care2 They provided furry consolation after the shooting massacres in Newtown, Orlando and Las Vegas, and now comfort dogs have flown in from around the country to Thousand Oaks, Calif., to hug people suffering from a tragic double whammy. They provided furry consolation after the shooting massacres in Newtown, Orlando and […]