November 21, 2019

Belize outperforms Cayman Islands in tourism growth


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From Breaking Belize News

By BBN Staff: Belize has outperformed the in terms of tourism sector growth, according to a report from the island’s media outlet Cayman27.

The news outlet reported today that the Cayman Islands saw double-digit growth at the end of 2018, as the tourism sector in many Caribbean territories are still trying to recover from and Maria.

“The CTO indicated Cayman’s growth between 2017 and 2018 was up almost 11% for air arrivals and just over 11% for cruise passengers. Growth for both indicators was surpassed only by Belize,” the news anchor said.

According to the , Belize’s tourism sector growth for overnight and cruise passenger arrivals were up by 14.6 and 19.1 percent respectively. The Caribbean Tourism Organization has predicted that tourism arrivals will increase in the region this year.

The BTB noted earlier this year that it is working with various industry stakeholders as well as partners abroad to push Belize as a destination in markets such as and Mexico, which would complement the already high arrivals from the United States.

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