January 21, 2020

Lessons can be learned from brave Arlene

When Leonard Antonio Ebanks was found guilty of murder last Friday and handed a mandatory life sentence the collective sigh of relief coming from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service – and indeed from all of us – could be heard for miles. The conviction marked the end of a thorough police investigation and – […]

Savannah United Church celebrate God

An evening of Worship and Celebration was held at the Savannah United Church, on Sunday 25th September 2011. All members of the United Church of Jamaica and Grand Cayman participated in the programme. Synodical Theme: “Renewal and Transformation: Season of Healing and Hope” Motif: “The Audacity of Hope, Sing and Hope and Pray” For Reflection: […]

Why we need more Stormin’ Normans

Maybe sometimes the old fashioned ideas are still the best. Tried and tested methods are, as the name suggests, tried and tested. For as long as I can remember in all corners of the globe boxing has been seen as the ideal way to install discipline in what might be unruly youngsters on the verge […]

We all need somebody to lean on

David Baines is a man with a lot on his plate at the moment. But the Royal Cayman Islands Police Commissioner hasn’t shied away from the media and dealt with things head on. Yesterday he spoke honestly and candidly with Tad Stoner in our exclusive interview in which he revealed how stretched the Police Service […]

C-H-S Reunion

The C-H-S as it was known in 1949 Came about at a very crucial time When the Island was full of children galore Yearning for knowledge and ways to explore. The world out there in all its glory Was waiting to tell us another story. There were schools already on the Island I’m sure you’d […]