November 18, 2019


“Buy Caymanian” is what they say But let me tell you what happened the other day When I was mowing my lawn you see The wheel broke off and nearly killed me. I jumped in my car and to the shop I did drive Going very carefully, I was glad to be alive For that […]

A “Fairy Tale Wedding”

On Saturday 21st January 2012 I was among the many guests to witness the marriage of Sheila Jennifer Leigh and Jose Rafael Alvarez Perez. It was what I would call a ‘fairy tale’ of a wedding. Sheila’s parents are J. Ladner Watler and Pamela J. Watler from Grand Cayman. Jose Rafael’s parents are Jose Alvarez […]


There’s been a lot said about chickens lately And I can understand why, Especially when we can’t get enough sleep No matter how much we try. Years ago my garden was a favourite spot. Stray chickens really loved my place, But they soon decided to scrabble elsewhere When my dog Indianna gave chase. Now Indianna […]

My Special Memory of Trella Sanon nee Myles

I first met Trella on the first day of the opening of Cayman Islands High School in 1949. Immediately she and I bonded and became the best of friends and great High School buddies. Trella and I were both very sport minded and when our Netball court was completed and our teams formed I was […]

Dr. Merren, dentist, brother-in-law and friend

A very fine gentleman our Dr. Merren is For a dental surgeon he’s certainly a whiz So helpful and kind to all around No finer person can ever be found. With loving thoughts for his fellowman And for his patients he’ll do all he can And when we’re there in his dental chair We’re at […]

Green Iguanas?!!!

What a Boxing Day swim I had and what an experience it was for me. I’m sure you will all enjoy reading what I’m about to reveal. Like I said it was Boxing Day. I had finished cleaning my garden; I wasn’t even sweating, as it was a very cool Boxing Day. Anyway, as I […]

Chosen for a purpose

GLORIA A DIOS EN LAS ALTURASPAZ EN LA TIERRA ENTRE LOS HOMBRES QUE GOZAN DE SU FAVOR (GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST AND ON EARTH PEACE GOODWILL TO ALL MEN)   Any one for Cuba? – “Oh yes,” I said, “I’ll go, But tell me more about it there’s a lot I need to know.” […]


Well, excuse me for being so confused Another scary junction and I’m not at all amused, For the ‘right of way’ we had for years and years Has been taken away from us all, I fear. There was too much a hold up leaving Smith Road they say So they have removed the Crewe Road […]

John Gray United Church Christmas Cantata

CHRIST Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6): “DOWN FROM HIS GLORY” I was so pleased when Kathy Jackson, choir director and organist of John Gray United Church, West Bay, called to invite me to their Christmas Cantata being sung on Sunday January 8th. It was originally performed for their Christmas Celebrations and this was a repeat […]

A helping hand

I forget my age and I am still there to give a helping hand when needed. I find people who are a few years younger than me looking for my hand. It is always there and will be God willing. I am reminded of a quote from the late Audrey Hepburn who said it all: […]