December 13, 2019

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Amphibious Russian Vehicle

Super-Cool Amphibious Russian Vehicle Looks Like It Was Drawn By a Five-Year-Old By Rain Noe From Core77 The gigantic Sherp looks ridiculous, and is capable as hell HIS LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN. On a recent trip to an off-road park in Michigan, 95octane writer Paul Strauss spotted this crazy vehicle: Image credit: 95octane I […]

Cayman: CUC Power Line Technicians to assist with restoration efforts in the Bahamas

Seven members of CUC’s Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Operations department left Grand Cayman on Friday, October 18 to assist Bahamas Power and Light Company Ltd. with the restoration of power following the passing of Hurricane Dorian in September. The Power Line Technicians and Technician Helpers are expected to be in the Abaco Islands for approximately […]

Fat collects in lungs, increases asthma risk

From Newsmax xcess weight is hard on the heart, but new research shows it may also harm your lungs. The study found that higher amounts of fat collect in the airways of overweight and obese people, which may help explain why they’re more likely to have wheezing and asthma. In the study, the investigators analyzed […]

Hitting the Books: How to sling a cat through interstellar space

By Andrew Tarantola From engadget It’s not as easy as you’d expect. Welcome to Hitting the Books. With less than one in five Americans reading just for fun these days, we’ve done the hard work for you by scouring the internet for the most interesting, thought provoking books on science and technology we can find and delivering […]

Skate America debuts in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Making its Las Vegas debut, U.S. Figure Skating’s 2019 Skate America brought the world’s top figure skaters to the Orleans Arena Oct. 18-20, 2019.  The event featured three days of competition in the ladies, men’s, pairs and ice dance disciplines. The field included 60 competitors, including Olympic- and World-level athletes, from 10 […]

Does polish hide perfection?

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Much of modern music is perfect to the point of boredom: Singers not hitting the right notes are tone shifted. Drumkits are replaced by beat samples. Mistakes are corrected. Nothing is left to art. Raw music is far more interesting because it’s believable. When I hear Johnny Cash singing […]

Unexpected factor may predict your risk of dementia

From Newsmax The RCIPS is informing the public that there will be a temporary traffic flow adjustment made to traffic entering the Hurley’s roundabout on weekday evenings, beginning next Monday, 28 October. Traffic entering the roundabout from South Sound Road (eastbound) or Shamrock Road (westbound) will not be permitted to exit at the Grand Harbour […]

Brexit: MPs’ vote on deal ruled out by Speaker John Bercow

From BBC The Commons Speaker has refused a government request to hold a “yes” or “no” vote on its Brexit deal. John Bercow said a motion on the deal had been brought before MPs on Saturday, and it would be “repetitive and disorderly” to debate it again. Saturday’s sitting saw MPs vote to withhold approval […]

Israeli PM Netanyahu fails to form a government ahead of deadline

From BBC Israel’s long-standing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he cannot form a government, handing the opportunity to his political rival. Mr Netanyahu has been in power for the past decade but was unable to secure a majority after September’s elections failed to produce a clear winner. His rival Benny Gantz of the Blue […]

AI is helping scholars restore ancient Greek texts on stone tablets

By Devin Coldewy From TechCrunch Machine learning and AI may be deployed on such grand tasks as finding exoplanets and creating photorealistic people, but the same techniques also have some surprising applications in academia:DeepMind has created an AI system that helps scholars understand and recreate fragmentary ancient Greek texts on broken stone tablets. These clay, stone […]