November 20, 2019

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Cayman: CIFS lends support for the Humane Society

The Cayman Islands Fire Service (CIFS) had extra helpers on hand last week when two puppies, Quillan and Quinn from the Humane Society paid the Central Fire Station a visit.The three month old puppies are both Cayman mixed breed and were brought to the Humane Society shelter with their siblings. They are now looking for […]

Editorial: Elizabeth Hurlston 105 RIP

It is with much sadness to announce the death of Elizabeth Hurlston who passed away last Sunday morning 1st September, just after her birthday August 31st. She was 105 years old. I have known Elizabeth for many years, mainly through meeting her at Elmslie Memorial Church and through my friendship with her son-in-law, Mike Bowerman. […]

Cayman: Stephen Quinland appointed DVES Director

The Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure (CPI) announces the appointment of Stephen Quinland as Director of the Department of Vehicle and Equipment Services (DVES), effective 1 September 2019. Mr Quinland, who has been in the Acting Director position since 2018, will oversee the Department’s operations, administration, Government Fuelling Facility and District Emergency Fuelling Facilities. […]

Cayman: CIFS responds to landfill fire – Update fire extinguished

The Cayman Islands Fire Service (CIFS) are responding to a fire located at the George Town Landfill this evening (Wednesday 4 September 2019). – See UPDATE below The fire was first detected at 6:30am this morning on the surface of the landfill site. CIFS were called to the scene where they worked persistently to ensure […]

Cayman: International expert on nuclear politics and financial crime prevention to deliver keynote presentation at proliferation financing seminar

Former member of The UN Secretary General’s Advisory Board on disarmament and international expert on financial crime prevention, Dr.Togzhan Kassenova will be speaking at the next FTS seminar on Proliferation Financing in Cayman on September 17th. With recent changes to the Cayman Island’s regulatory framework to better protect the jurisdiction against risks of proliferation financing, […]

New eyeglasses – TouchFocus

These New Eyeglasses Can Change Focus from Far to Near at the Touch of a Button By rain Noe From Core77 Mitsui Chemical’s TouchFocus are a visual gamechanger Lately I have been straining to read the ever-shrinking text on labels, instruction manuals and even newspapers. It’s why that jeweler’s loupe comes in so handy. I […]

Hurricane Dorian lashes US as Bahamas counts cost

From BBC Hurricane Dorian is expected to bring “life-threatening storm surges” up the US east coast after causing destruction and at least 20 deaths in the Bahamas. The category three storm is currently lashing the coast of the Carolinas as it moves slowly north. Tens of thousands of people are without power. Residents from Georgia […]

Daily drinking bottle

Finally: A Smart Design for a Daily Drinking Bottle That’s Easy to Clean and More Functional By Rain Noe From Core77 The JuNiki Double Neck insulated bottle is the design we’ve been waiting for By definition, most bottles have a bottleneck, making it difficult to clean the insides. But this JuNiki bottle from Germany has […]

One year on since repeal of Section 377 in India: a third of the world’s countries continue to criminalize same-sex relations

(New York) On September 6 a year will have passed since the Supreme Court of India made the historic decision to decriminalize same-sex relations, causing reverberations across the world, and symbolizing the global trend towards decriminalization. Maria Sjödin, Deputy Director of OutRight Action International, comments: “Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which made sexual behavior “against the […]

Hollinger & Eisenpresser: How pension funds can survive volatile markets

By Dana Hollinger and Jackson Eisenpresser From Newsmax The overwhelming majority of large pension funds adhere to a time-honored approach to investments that is focused on the concept of total return. Today’s volatile global markets require prudent, yet well-reasoned, new approaches.  A very good approach would be to focus on cash inflows and outflows — […]