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Cartoon of the week

By Tony Zuvela, Cartoonist “It’s my own little World which I can escape to everyday and create a fun, weird, berserk Cartoon to whatever subject I like. I enjoy doing all the work myself, and all the aspects of Cartooning, and seeing my work out there and the reactions it gets.” http://www.berserkalert.com.au/shop.htm Buy this Cartoon’s […]

2019 Australia election: Morrison celebrates ‘miracle’ win

From BBC Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has thanked voters for re-electing his conservative coalition in a shock result at the federal polls. He told supporters he had “always believed in miracles” as partial results showed the Liberal-National Coalition close to a majority. Opposition Labor Party leader Bill Shorten has announced he is resigning after […]

Haiti struggles without electricity as cheap Venezuelan oil flow stops

By Tsvetana Paraskova From Oli Price Venezuela’s crisis and plunging oil production impact countries in the Caribbean as well, as most people in the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, Haiti, now have electricity just three hours a day, after Venezuela stopped sending cheap oil to the country. Under Petrocaribe—a program to gain influence in the Caribbean and […]

Blue Origin and SpaceX get million-dollar NASA nod to test Moon lander tech

By Devin Coldewey From TechCrunch Eleven aerospace companies will share more than $45 million in funds from NASA  to design and test prototypes for the Artemis Moon missions, the agency has announced. Among the established names like Northrop Grumman and Sierra Nevada are relative newcomers SpaceX and Blue Origin, looking to make a place for themselves on the […]

Scientists create a four-winged robot insect that flies with grace

By Jon Fingas From engadget It’s difficult to make an insect-like flying robot — realistic four-winged bots are typically too heavy, while lighter two-winged models tend to fly erratically. USC researchers have edged one step closer to the dream machine, however. They’ve created Bee+, a four-winged bot (pictured at right) that flies with more of the agility and poise […]

Magic Leap buys Belgian startup building hologram teleconferencing software

By Luca Matrey From TechCrunch Princess Leia’s hologram message to Obi-Wan is getting closer to reality, at least augmented reality. Magic Leap  announced yesterday that they’ve agreed to acquire Belgian startup Mimesys. The team has been working on bringing Star Wars-esque volumetric video calls to the Magic Leap platform, and it seems that the Florida AR […]

Understanding journalists and what they do

University Miami Researchers from 16 Latin American and Caribbean countries, hosted by the Institute for the Advanced Study of the Americas, will share information on the challenges journalists face and their contributions to society. Verbal targeting by presidents. Online harassment, especially of women. Low pay and sometimes economic hardship. And in some countries, danger. Why […]

Austria chancellor calls for snap election after corruption scandal

From BBC Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has asked for a snap election after his Vice-Chancellor, Heinz-Christian Strache, resigned over a corruption scandal. Mr Kurz’s centre-right People’s Party is in government with Mr Strache’s far-right Freedom Party. The Freedom Party leader stepped down after secret video footage emerged. The video appears to show him discussing government […]

Ohio State University doctor ‘abused 177 male students’

BBC World News An athletics team doctor sexually abused at least 177 male students from 1979 to 1997, an investigation by Ohio State University in the US says. Dr Richard Strauss, who died in 2005, is accused of groping and performing “unnecessary examinations” on young men while treating athletes in 16 sports. The report stated […]