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Tax lobbying goes global

By THEODORIC MEYER With David Beavers and Aubree Eliza Weaver From Politico TAX REFORM LOBBYING GOES GLOBAL: Seemingly every big company and trade association with a presence in Washington is lobbying on tax reform, but the Cayman Islands may be the first foreign territory to get in on the game. The British territory in the […]

Growth vs. inflation, a difficult balance for Latin America and the Caribbean

From The World Bank ·       Latin America and the Caribbean growing again after last year’s contraction ·       Regional rebound largely due to recoveries in Argentina and Brazil ·       Unlike in wealthier nations, lowering interest rates to stimulate the economy is not an easy option in the region WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2017 – Latin America and […]

Brooklyn’s Panamanians celebrate 22nd annual festival

By Alexandra Simon From Caribbean Life Panama querida! Thousands descended on Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights to celebrate the 22nd annual Panamanian Independence parade on Oct. 7. The yearly festival commemorates the country’s sovereignty, and honors their traditions with a show of Panamanian culture. For many frequenters, the parade consistently grows by the numbers and […]

243 Approved Permanent Residences in Cayman Islands

Latest Cayman Islands PR Application Numbers & Totals as of Friday, 6 October 2017 The tables below show the Permanent Residency Backlog Progress Statistics. There are now 243 Approved Permanent Residences against 131 refusals that can be challenged. There are also 97 that have been deferred. With now 503 PR applications reviewed it would seem […]

BMW e-bike beast

This BMW e-bike is an absolute beast, but you’d never know it by looking By Mike Wehner From BGR E-bikes are an extremely niche market right now, and nobody really knows whether or not they’re going to explode in popularity or just kind of linger on for a while and then disappear. BMW isn’t keen […]

Chilling video shows what happens the moment a massive volcano eruption strikes a major city – but is everything as it seems?

By Ben Hill From Daily Mail Australia Video showing the mass destruction an undersea super volcano would bring The video was created as part of research into the effects on volcanos in NZ Chilling footage shows massive explosion before a huge wave hits the coast A video has been created showing the mass destruction an […]

Skal International to bring worldwide tourism event to Miami and Caribbean in 2019; First global support for disaster impacted region

HYDERABAD, India, Oct. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Skal International, the global organization of travel and tourism leaders, has voted in its General Assembly, to bring its 2019 Skal World Congress to the Port of Miami, Mexico, and the Caribbean on a Royal Caribbean seven day cruise in September 2019. This is the first global tourism meeting […]

Destinations of the week

7 massively popular travel destinations that tourists have ruined By Mary Hanbury From Business Insider Social media is our new travel agent, and it’s changing the places we go. Next time you’re scrolling through Instagram enviously looking at vacation photos of uninterrupted views and dramatic landscapes, console yourself with the fact that behind this secluded […]

US: House bill would allow cyberattack victims to ‘hack back’

By United Press International From Gephard Daily Oct. 13 (UPI) — A bipartisan bill introduced in the House Friday would allow targets of computer hacks to “hack back” and destroy what information of theirs was stolen. Reps. Tom Graves, R-Ga., and Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., co-sponsored the Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act, known as the hack back […]

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