March 20, 2023

Women in travel: How to protect yourself when travelling for work


Business travellers, specifically women, are very exposed to different threats that can affect their well-being during and even after the trip. That’s why it is only wise for them to learn the different ways on how to protect themselves when they are travelling for work.

Being proactive and aware of the unique travel-related risks that you face does not mean you’re weak or inferior to your male colleagues. It means you’re smart and prepared. Moreover, aren’t those two essential qualities that every businessperson should possess?

In this infographic, we detail different ways on how to maintain safety and to also train aspiring women travellers during their business travels abroad. Here are six pointers to consider:

Women in Travel How to Protect Yourself When Traveling for Work
  • Don’t Tell Anyone from the Foreign City That You’re Travelling Alone – One of the risks of business travelling is getting mobbed and exposed to treacherous people that can breach your security during your meetups with your business associates. Remember that as a traveller, it is essential to stick with your company’s disclosure agreement alongside any other travel policy to ensure that you and your clients only have the idea of this important meeting.
  • Research the Destination – During times of travelling, make sure your phone is always charged so you can access a map when you need it. Plan your travel routes, and always reconfirm that the transportation you’ll be taking is on time. If you do get lost, don’t be obvious about it. Don’t leave a map in your rental car where anyone can see it, and don’t in the middle of the street looking at your cell phone while you try to figure out where you are. Instead, stay in a hotel or other public destination and ask for directions.
  • Choose Accommodations with Caution – Choose a hotel with an excellent safety record. Some hotels now offer women-only floors. Ask for a room above the ground floor, near the elevator, and away from emergency exits and stairwells. When a more massive hotel isn’t available, consider a small inn or bed and breakfast rather than a motel.
  • Be Particular on your Travel Insurance – If you’re an employee, ask your employer for its travel insurance program documentation, so you know what’s covered for you. Also, be sure to save an electronic version and print a hard copy of the travel insurance benefits, then share your insurance details with a trusted family member.
  • Protect Yourself from Harassment – Women are always attacked by people who have bad intentions when travelling. As a traveller, it is wise to know your rights as a woman, and that includes protecting yourself by being one step ahead of harassment. If you are in a situation that people might take advantage of you, make sure that you will exit it smoothly, and if you will be involved in this situation, it is advised to report this incident to the local police.
  • Learn Basic Self Defense – As mentioned on the previous point, women can easily report and file a harassment complaint to people who mistreated them, but when the situation calls for it, it’s critical that you know how to defend yourself. Women travellers should learn how to do necessary self-defence for them to protect themselves to people who will mob and breach their security. Companies should also train their female workers properly for self-defence, because they are considered as an asset to the company, and protecting their well-being is a must.

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