July 30, 2021

Women’s National Team prepares for CFU U-20 Qualifying Tournament

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Cayman Islands’ U-20 National Woman’s team

The girls lined up, focused, ready to face a gargantuan physical and mental challenge…the dreaded beep test.

Fourteen-year-old Janel Ebanks was the stand out participant in the multi-stage fitness test.

The test is used by sports   coaches and trainers to estimate an athlete’s  VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake). The test is the most accurate way to test a player’s cardiovascular fitness which is a major component of physical  fitness.

Janel finally ended the test on Stage 30 with a Distance of 1.200 KM with a maximum oxygen capacity VO2  reading of 46.48.

To put that number into perspective the average English Premiership Professional Football players  VO2 max reading will fluctuate between 56.00 – 77.00.

Fourteen-year-old Nicole Whittaker also put up some very impressive numbers stopping at Stage 28. Shanice Monteith and Amanda Frederick both stopped at stage 26.

The Cayman Islands National Women’s Programme is preparing for their upcoming trip to Suriname where they will compete in the Group B of the CFU Women’s U-20 Qualifying Tournament.

The Cayman Islands will compete against Suriname on October 18, and face Trinidad and Tobago on October 20, 2011.

The girls have been in training since June this year, the first beep test the girls carried out was taken on June 30, 2011 and the top performer was 19 year old Jessica Ebanks who stopped at stage 21 with a  VO2 max of 43.26

Women’s Technical Director Thiago Cunha complimented his players’ progression, “The beep test is one of the most physical and demanding fitness tests which every footballer dreads.

“I have to compliment the girls on their attitude and dedication. They comforted this test head on. All 23 players who are currently on Island were in attendance.

“I am very happy, we have 3 more weeks to work with them and we will continue to improve technically and motivate the girls for the games in Suriname.”

The girls will head into a weekend training camp Friday where they will continue team preparations.

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