October 28, 2020



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Have you ever seen so many people

Walking around George Town?

Have you noticed lately

How these people look and sound?

Well let me try to paint a picture

Strictly from my point of view

Then you’ll get a very good idea

Of what I’m trying to tell you.

Take this morning for instance,

The streets are choc-a-block

With hundreds and hundreds of tourists

Just checking out the shops.

They all come from different places

You don’t have to guess

Just listen to their accents

And check the way they’re dressed.

Some are very big and fat

And very slow to move,

Some are being pushed in chairs

By those so full of love.

Others are very tall and skinny

And so very full of fun

They look a lot like barbie dolls

Dressed to bask in our tropical sun.

Some with heads like Cleopatra

With hair so elegantly styled

Braided in so many fashions

And others with hair so wild.

And yes, we do have dreadlocks also

But they’re few and far between,

A lot of them come from nearby islands

And are very rarely seen.


Most of the people have little ones

Who really have a mind of their own

They want to run and skip and jump

Not walk around a town.

And let them get hungry and thirsty,

What a miserable and unhappy bunch?

They’d enjoy their holiday a lot better

On the beach with a picnic lunch.

But that’s not all that I see from my window

There are businessmen and women abound,

Bankers, trust officers and insurance adjusters

And a lot more walking around.

And the traffic – my goodness – what a lot of vehicles

You can hardly get across the road,

Posh cars and buses and bicycles

And trucks with their very heavy load.

But every thing seems to run quite smoothly

Despite our lack of space,

We wouldn’t want to change a thing

There’s nowhere to compare – and we love this place

Especially when Christmas is drawing near

And the lights are shining bright

With gardens and homes all decorated

They make a beautiful sight.

Our homes are painted and our gardens swept

We’ve finished all our shopping.

The pork and beef are in the pot

Now we can start our cooking,

And when we’re dressed in our pretty outfits

And all our accessories

We’ll go to church to worship and praise

And to hear what the bible says.

And in all our celebrations

We must never ever forget~

The real reason for the season-

Is Jesus – you bet!


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