September 22, 2021

Why do the IP elite attend IPBC?

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From IAM

Attending a conference is an investment. You expect sessions, keynotes and networking that offers you something invaluable and unique. Designed with and for IP decision makers, IPBC Global offers you the best of the best, world-renowned IP leaders who bring deep strategic insights and cutting-edge best practices.

IPBC Global is an action-packed, three-day deep dive that offers an unmatched chance to immerse yourself inside dynamic discussions involving those who make the world’s IP weatherIt is the one IP event that senior executives cannot afford to miss.

Don’t just take our word for it…

I have been in the IP circle for 18 years and attended so many IP seminars but frankly speaking I think IPBC is the best one.  

Sean Ke, General Mananger, IP Department, Visionox

If you’re involved in the IP world this is one of the important conferences and they are talking about cutting-edge topics and as they are offered worldwide, wherever you are, find one and attend. 

Amy Xu, Chief Patent and Technology Counsel, Alibaba

If you would like to get insights into what people in other markets are doing and really want to hone in on some of the developments that are happening then this is the place to be.

Keira Moore, Trademark Attorney & IP Communications Specialist, ResMed

This conference benefits anybody who appreciates that IP is a core part of their business.

Courtney Quish, Director, Fortress Investment Group

What makes IPBC stand out is the international scope of the conference, there are a lot of attendees from all over the world and secondly the focus on the business of IP and people who are here can intelligently talk about how the business is changing, the economics are changing, and how the law is impacting all of that.

Erich Anderson, Corporate VP and Chief IP Counsel, Microsoft

What are you waiting for?

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