October 30, 2020

Why did the Galaxy Note 7 explode? Samsung won’t tell us anytime soon


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galaxy-note-7-fireBy Chris Smith From BGR

The Galaxy Note 7 is both the best smartphone Samsung has ever made and its biggest scandal. 7 explosions lead to a first recall, which was not sufficient to fix the manufacturing issues that turned the phone into a fire hazard. Safe Galaxy Note 7 units kept blowing up, and Samsung had to discontinue the phone and recall all sold devices just two months after its official launch.

Samsung, meanwhile, is investigating the matter. But don’t expect an explanation anytime soon.

The Galaxy Note 7 investigation will be a thorough one, Reuters explains, and the results will come in at the end of the year.

An executive said on Thursday that both Samsung and Samsung SDI are examining the cause of fires in some Galaxy Note 7 units.

SDI made 60% of the batteries for the Galaxy Note 7, according to analysts. Samsung SDI exec said that “weakness” in some batteries for the Galaxy Note 7 had been confirmed, without addressing the exact cause of the fires, which is still under investigation.

An unnamed SDI executive said the issue was limited to Galaxy Note 7 batteries, and the company is preparing to supply batteries to a new Samsung phone model that’s due early next year. It’s unclear if that phone is the which is supposed to be unveiled in late February next year.

SDI checked the safety of other products with unnamed major customers but did not find any defects.

Samsung also announced in a press release that it held on Thursday an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, whose purpose was to discuss the divestment of the printing business unit, and the appointment of Jay Y. Lee to the board of directors.

However, shareholders also discussed the Galaxy Note 7 matter, and Samsung decided that it will make “significant changes in the quality assurance process” to provide “safe and reliable products” and regain the confidence of consumers.

For more on this story go to: http://bgr.com/2016/10/27/galaxy-note-7-explosions-cause/

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