November 29, 2021

WHO’s work on the pandemic will be monitored by an independent working group

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World-leading virologists – speakers of the International Conference COVID-19, will form a working group to evaluate the World Health Organization’s activities in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

The International Conference COVID-19 is an online event that will take place on September 30, bringing together over 100 leading virologists from 67 countries.

Scientists will be answering questions online that WHO is silent about:
– why the number of cases is growing;
– when the increase in cases is going to stop;
– how not to get infected with coronavirus on the second wave;
– how to treat COVID-19 and how not to treat it;
– whether the vaccine will be a solution to the pandemic;
– whether the world can be back to normal and when it may happen.

Specialists question whether WHO can solve this problem? Where are the results of the organization’s actions? Why has the threat of disease existed for almost a year?

Following the conference, a working group will be formed to analyze WHO’s work on the pandemic. The independent international working group consisting of the world’s leading virologists will publish a press release once a week reviewing the current situation and measures taken to improve it.

The conference has been organized by the Foundation for the support of International Projects based in Warsaw, Poland.

The event will run as an online broadcast on Facebook and Youtube, anyone is welcome to join the stream. The language of the conference is English.

More information about the conference and schedule of broadcasts

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