February 27, 2021

What you didn’t know about the COVID19 Mutation

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By Harley Medic International

The COVID-19 mutation is an interesting thing you didn’t know about the COVID-19. It was first used by Russian scientists as a sort of a paternity test to determine whether or not a man sired a child by an unknown female. After a few years, this Russian study concluded that the mutation was real and caused all sorts of developmental problems for the children born from it. Of course, the Russian scientists put this conclusion in very dramatic terms. For many people, they believe that these Russian scientists staged the experiment just to have a bunch of people in the same room and test all of their mental abilities. This may be true, but there is another possibility as well.

Some people think that the Russian scientists did this experiment to prove that a person could get sick from a virus that originated in Africa. Of course, some people do not think this explanation makes any sense at all. So, they decided to look further into the COVID-19 mutation. They wanted to see if this viral experiment was real, or if it was just another set of false rumors. They looked even deeper into the experiments that were used to conclude that the mutation occurred and that the people who developed diseases from it had been purposely trying to trick the world.

Now, when we think about the COVID-19 mutation, we can see that it caused a lot of problems for a lot of people. There are a lot of people who believe that these people were purposefully trying to create viruses. In fact, the US Military once conducted a gene research experiment on African children to see how dangerous retroviruses could be and they found that most children who were born from those viruses did not have any of the symptoms associated with the viruses at the time of birth. Even people who are carriers of the viruses do not usually show any symptoms until their late twenties or even thirties. Therefore, there are a lot of people who believe that the people didn’t get sick from the COVID 19 mutation because they did not develop any symptoms of the retrovirus or because they were simply lying about having the cold.

However, when we look into the actual experiment that was conducted in 1980, it showed that the virus actually changed the DNA of the disease carriers. The DNA of the disease carrier was changed so that they could adapt to different environments and so they could be more or less immune to the disease that they were carrying. This is why the researchers labeled the COVID 19 mutation as a problem virus and therefore it should be destroyed. People should remember that these scientists were working for the US Government and they wanted to eliminate every last living thing on the planet using bioterrorism.

Some people have tried to argue that since the DNA changes aren’t life threatening, it shouldn’t be labeled a mutation. However, this argument doesn’t hold much water. Once, the DNA changes, there’s nothing that can prevent it from changing again, which means that the disease carriers could change again at any time and become resistant to the treatment. It will only be a matter of time until the COVID 19 mutation is classified as a retrovirus and therefore controlled throughout the world.

Now that you know some of the things that you didn’t know about the virus, you might want to get fit to fly COVID test before it spreads to your family. Be aware that it is a very real possibility and you don’t have to take chances. Get yourself vaccinated today. Go and check our Infographic that’s all about the COVID-19 Mutation. Remember that vaccines save lives!.

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