October 25, 2020

What personality type are you?


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What is your personality? Some people talk, react, judge and act exactly as they have seen and taught. They hate original and new ideas calling them dangerous. Then there are people who live life dangerously. They want to break every convention, every rule and decide what they want to do irrespective of the outcome. Then there is the original and mature. They will never question anything. They accept the way things are done, and meekly follow the leader. They are proud of their heritage and history, and changing trends will discomfort them greatly.

The dangerous kind, who believes in no conventions, will do everything in their own way. Their behavioucr may cause pain to others and discomfort to family and friends, but they are not bothered. They consider themselves as right and others as wrong and sometimes fools. They are the rebels of the society. These people are often cowards and selfish.

The original and mature type is balanced. They try to understand the why and then decide the correct course of action. These people will be ready to make sacrifices, risk their lives and are ready to fight conventions and set thoughts if they find them dangerous. They can become great leaders. Their maturity and originality gives them a wide canvas to decide about ethics, values and the correct way of living. These people enjoy the world, love the world and wish to contribute something significant to make a better world.

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