September 20, 2020

What part of Jihad doesn’t Washington get?


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jihadBy Denis Kleinfeld From Moneynews

President Obama is telling us that the is going to take limited military action to degrade and then destroy the newly named yet still fictitious .

The president also promises to reduce their ability to finance their war of Jihad. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel says they are a force to be reckoned with — a far cry from being what the president first evaluated as being a junior varsity team.

This is going to be done with a rag-tag group of so-called coalition partners that have yet to step up to the plate and start swinging a bat.

These partners are going to include some of the Arab countries that directly and indirectly support the movement to have Islam dominate the world.

The president says the Islamic State is not Islamic. But it’s a state with borders that apparently can be defined, attacked and defeated. This is nonsense.

Devotion to religious Islam does not include the secular recognition of any national borders. The Arab monarchies who have funded with their oil revenues the Jihadist are now waking up to the terror that intends to overthrow their own secular rule.

Libya, Algeria, Somalia and Yemen stand as proof that Jihad is very much Islamic. Syria is all but lost. Clearly, al-Assad will not be handing down his control of Syria to his son or to anyone else. His days are numbered.

Unlike U.S. politicians, the Jihadists think in terms of decades if not centuries. They are already conquering the through their enormous birthrate. The will become ruled by the law of Sharia when there are enough Muslim voters to make that happen. In some British and EU cities, Sharia law already is in place. They have tolerated the intolerant and are already suffering the consequences.

The United States must deal with this very problem right now while it can.

The battle between Western secularism and Islamic theology is the war that the president and the Congress refuse to recognize and name. Trying to categorize as radical the foundational belief that Islam should rule the world is nothing more than political delusion.

Five steps must be taken

First, correctly describe the war that will be fought.

Second, the United States must be both energy independent and an exporter of energy. Federal land used for energy production should be priced on a cost-plus basis and be used solely in the United States. Private energy production can be sold at the world market price — however low that can be driven down.

Third, any and all access to the world’s banking systems should absolutely prohibit any financial transaction with any country supporting the Jihad movement. Any company or individual should be similarly prohibited. Violators are war criminals and to be summarily dealt with accordingly.

Fourth, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah must be disarmed.

Fifth, military action should be used as necessary.

Ultimately, the only way that the Islamic belief in Jihad can be actually defeated is by each person having the opportunity to fulfill their own economic self-interest by a free-market economy.

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