March 7, 2021

What is Carbon 60 and what are its potential benefits?

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What Is Carbon 60?

Carbon 60 is a molecule. It is made of carbon atoms and has the shape of a small ball. It was discovered in 1985 and is also called Buckminsterfullerene or ”BuckyBalls”. 60 carbon atoms come together to form this molecule. Carbon 60 is largely used in combination with other products and is getting its popularity because of many benefits recently found in this substance.

How Is Carbon 60 Obtained?

Carbon 60 is obtained by using a laser beam to vaporise carbon. After It passes through a stream of high-density helium gas. The carbon is then cooled and ionised. These days, most carbon 60 is manufactured in the laboratory, using an electric arc between two carbon electrodes to create a soot from which the carbon 60 fullerene molecules can be extracted.

How does carbon 60 work?

Carbon 60 has lots of benefits. During the recent decades lots of research is being done due to the rising resonance of positive properties of Carbon 60. Antioxidant properties of C60 products make them attractive for the consumers. There are some curiosities to know about C60:

  • C60 is extremely stable and not easy to dissolve in liquids
  • C60 withstands high temperatures and pressures
  • C60 molecules also return to their original shape when squeezed
  • C60 can also spin at incredibly high speeds, even at room temperature
  • Molecules of carbon 60 fullerene transmit either blue or red light, which creates a purple colour for pure preparations of Carbon 60.
  • Solid carbon 60 is soft

Health Benefits of Carbon 60

Carbon 60 is a strong antioxidant. It protects cells from the radicals. C60 prevents the inflammatory states, that’s why it is widely used to treat acne. The antioxidant capacities of carbon 60 are extremely powerful, several hundred times higher than vitamins C and E or carotenoids and fights neurodegenerative, cardiovascular diseases and osteoarthritis. It is believed that carbon 60 can reduce cancer cell production. Anti-cancer drug based on the combination of C60 and cisplatin, is a molecule commonly used in chemotherapy.

Anti-aging properties of Carbon 60 make it attractive for skin care use. C60 mixed with olive oil is a desired antioxidant, skin moisturising product. The ability of the C60 to oppose the destruction of collagen fibers by free radicals by making an undeniable anti-aging asset.

Another benefit of C60 is its antibacterial property. Depending on the bacteria the function of C60 can be different. C60 is also effective to fight the flu virus and hepatitis C.

Another interesting effect of Carbon 60 on our body is on our bones. It is able to promote the production of chondrocytes 18, these cells that ensure the regeneration of cartilage, the tissue that covers the bony ends at the joints.

The C60 Company supplies a Multi Award Winning Selection of Organic Oils for different palates, diets and lifestyles. The most popular product is C60 olive oil, which is easy to obtain and use. it can be used topically or be added into your food.

To sum up the benefits of C60 products let’s share a list:

  • Increased energy levels. Many users notice enhanced energy levels when consuming C60
  • Better sleep
  • Better skin
  • Longevity
  • Improved brain health
  • Enhanced sports performance

There is no evidence of acute secondary effects of C60 containing products on humans.

Why Is Carbon 60 expensive?

Hi-tech nature of the substance and endohedral fullerenes are the motive why C60 is so expensive. The production of Carbon 60 is a tough process. It takes weeks to produce just 50 milligrams of the stuff.

How Can I Know the Correct Dosage?

There is no defined dosage information for Carbon 60 products. The information summary is based on customers’ feedback.

1 Rodent (500 grammes – 1.1 lb) = 0.5 ml olive oil C60 (0.8 mg C60/ml)

1 Dog Chihuahua (2 kilogrammes – 4.4 lb) = 1 ml olive oil C60 (0.8 mg C60/ml)

1 Domestic Cat (4 kilogrammes – 9 lb) = 1 ml olive oil C60 (0.8 mg C60/ml)

1 Dog Labrador (29 kilogrammes – 64 lb) = 3 ml olive oil C60 (0.8 mg C60/ml)

1 Dog Dogue allemand (54 kilogrammes – 120 lb) = 4.5 ml olive oil C60 (0.8 mg C 60/ml)

1 Dog Mastiff (90 kilogrammes – 200 lb) = 5 ml olive oil C60 (0.8 mg C60/ml)

1 Horse (450 kilogrammes – 1000 lb) = 50 ml olive oil C60 (0.8 mg C60/ml)


There is no good evidence to support using carbon 60 for COVID-19. Follow healthy lifestyle choices and proven prevention methods instead, always consult a professional before taking any C60 product.

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