October 25, 2020



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What glorious days we’ve been having,

Just the right kind of weather for walking.

At the bottom of my stairway my two dogs patiently wait

Even though most days I’m a little late.

Sheer joy it is for us to walk in the morning

With the wind blowing in my face, fresh air inhaling,

It’s then I have my quiet moments to get my thoughts together

I enjoy a good walk no matter the weather.

Everywhere has changed so since being hit by IVAN

God reminded us all that he is stronger than man.

Remember, He can remove mountains in the wink of an eye

So he helped remove our mangroves as a reminder to you and I.

Our landscape was changed, homes destroyed, yet we were spared.

Who would have thought that our God really cared?

I mean, no man made machine could have worked any faster

We were all spared – it could’ve been a real disaster.

So my dogs and I are in the canals walking alone

A mile or two and an hour’s time we’ll be home

They ramble through the fallen mangroves in and out the water

While I just stand there in silent laughter.

Seeing the garbage dump on one side and cruise ships on the other

The wind in my face it’s really a pleasure

I know just around the corner is a fresh water lake

So a change in direction we quickly take.

My dogs love the lake they enjoy it so

With a good drink of water and swim across they go

Not much else to see in this part of our walk

A rat or two maybe for the dogs to stalk.

I’m sure you are aware that we lost a lot of birds

Not a chirp or a peep from the mangroves could be heard

Then suddenly a sound and to my surprise

A mother egret takes flight in front of my eyes.

She’s got a rat with a long tail dangling from her beak.

I was so surprised at what I was seeing I could hardly speak,

It was so awesome I froze and wouldn’t move

As she’d left her two siblings crying in the mangrove.

But those two babies knew they had to follow in flight

They needed their mom to get over their fright

And they were so hungry they wanted to eat

They both knew that their mom had flown off with the meat.

Quickly they flapped their wings and followed in flight

To me it was a rare experience and a wonderful sight

Way off into the blue and windy sky

Mother egret flew with her siblings nearby.

Since Hurricane IVAN life for most people has been tough

So many are without homes and living in the rough

But we have life and a chance to start again

And there’s no such thing as gain without a little pain.

So try walking my friends and you will find comfort.

Find those quiet moments I’m talking about,

It may not cure but it will ease the pain

And it’ll make you all see what might have been.

It’s a pleasure to see our birds returning

Yellow birds, black birds, and parrots all chirping.

So feed them, encourage them with plenty food and water

It’s more than tuppence a bag today but that doesn’t matter

Yes I would say good fortune smiled on that September day

Cayman could’ve been another 9/11 in a way

Our Island of clear blue skies, waters and sand

Could have been destroyed by God not man.

Our God is a good God and he knows our every move,

Our God is a kind God and to all he offers love,

He’s an awesome God his wonders to perform

Faithful and Loving God protects us from all harm.

God has not promised skies always blue

Flower strewn pathways all our lives through

But God has promised strength from up above

Undying sympathy and unfailing love.


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