October 21, 2020

What food are you dressing up as for Halloween?


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20131025-costume-collageFrom Serious Eats

It’s almost time to put the finishing touches on your Halloween costume, which, if you’re anything like us, probably involves dressing up as something edible. Here’s a small sampling of SE staffers’ getups from years past:

Kenji as a Burger King: “I needed a costume. I had an orange shirt, I bought some felt and a crown… that’s it.”

Ed as an Oreo: “It was all homemade —I used a pillowcase as the filling and then wrapped two old pairs of black pants around it as the cookies, and somehow fit the whole thing over my head. Not my finest work, but I was desperate.”

Jamie as French Toast: “I made a square frame out of wire hangers and spray-painted the edges of a yellow sheet (toast) brown (crust). Then I wore a striped shirt and black beret to complete the pun. This actually wasn’t my first food costume: in first grade, I was a silver Hershey’s Kiss.”

Niki as Pizza: “As the reigning Lady Slice, I’d obviously have to take a pizza-centric route. Good thing I planned ahead.”

Carrie the Fridge: “My mom helped me build a refrigerator costume when I was in middle school. It was basically a giant box but it had an opening door and we filled the shelves with food.”

Max’s fantasy costumes: “Were money no object I’d go as a stack of pancakes and get in everyone’s way. Or be the Kool Aid man with some friends to act as a brick wall I can jump through. WAIT. No. I want to go as Cup Noodles.”

What food-centric costume do you have planned this year? Let Serious Eats know in their comments!

PHOTO: Kenji and Jamie

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