September 28, 2021

What dispensaries have the best strains? 2019 review

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With so many dispensaries all over the United States, there are bound to be the best ones and that’s what we’re going to find out today. Every dispensary boasts to have the best strains but the critics beg to differ.

These critics have been through lots of popular ones and have determined the dispensaries that sell the best strains. There’s no denying that critics don’t lie and we just have to share this valuable info, especially for all the potheads out there.

Harvest, San Francisco

One of the unbeatable strains in the world would be the OG Blue Dream and this dispensary happens to sell one of the best ones in the country. Located in the origins of the strain, Harvest doesn’t just boast of high-quality products, it also boasts various products that you can choose from.

The staff working for this dispensary are also very friendly and helpful. They answer all your questions are patient enough to help you get through your shopping. Just be prepared to swim through a crowd of patrons yourself because this dispensary just happens to be a popular destination.

California is also hailed to be one of the states that produce the best strains. The cannabis industry is thriving here and people are definitely finding out why.

Tokyo Starfish, Oregon

This insane dispensary is famous for having a “bud and breakfast” on the floor just above the store. The place is available for occupation and is a certified weed-friendly place. This dispensary has a set of friendly staff don’t make the place seem sketchy, unlike other dispensaries.

Another great thing about this dispensary is that they sell high-quality products, especially their flower. It already has a steady set of patrons that keep coming back because of their high-quality products.

The dispensary sells the famous Girl Scout Cookies rolls that are taking over the market. They’re pretty affordable, especially for those who really want the best of the best.

The Grove, Las Vegas

The Grove is definitely one of the most popular dispensaries in Las Vegas. It also happens to be one of the many dispensaries that sell Gorilla Glue #4. GG, as it’s popularly known, has one of the highest THC percentages which makes it one of the common choices by potheads.

This dispensary is pretty close to the Las Vegas strip which is why it’s so popular. The dispensary itself is dedicated to growing the all-natural products that customers can definitely enjoy. More than just that, they have lots of products both for medical and recreational use.

If you want to buy weed that’s surely grown in state of the art facilities, this is the place to buy the best strains from.

NETA Northampton, Massachusetts

NETA is actually short for New England Treatment Access, which definitely sounds pretty medical. This dispensary is one of the first two to actually open in the state and it has been pretty popular ever since.

They have a wide selection of products that you can choose from and one of these is the Bruce Banner wax is pretty popular now in the country. Though the store is pretty pricey, you’re guaranteed that the products they sell are high-quality and won’t leave you disappointed.

More than that, the dispensary also offers more than 50 strains that you can choose from. the interiors are an amazing sight and you can just shop until you drop here. Budtenders are friendly and professional and you won’t be having a problem finding a new strain for you to try.

Lux Pot Shop, Washington

This dispensary has two branches, one in Ballard and one in Lake City. Whichever branch you choose to shop in, you’re still going to get the best strains. Both stores are well-lit and well-designed.

Regardless if you’re already a patron or a newcomer, the staff will be friendly and won’t hesitate to help you find the product that will suit your needs. With their extensive knowledge, the staff will be glad to help you out.

This dispensary also happens to sell a Granddaddy Purp strain and Green Crack. Finding two of the best strains in the country in one shop is definitely a treasure you will cherish. Although a little bit pricey, nothing’s every too much for people who only want the best.

The dispensaries mentioned here are just some of the few dispensaries that sell you the best strains. Not every strain is worth trying but heading on over to these dispensaries will have you gripping hard on your money because there are just so many products you can choose from.

Don’t worry, if you’re really looking for a specific strain, you can just search dispensaries with Veriheal finder and you’re good to go. What are you waiting for? Start your search now.

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