September 20, 2021

Weststar announces launch of fibre project

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WestStar officials have announced the launch of the company’s fibre-optic project.

Because of limited bandwidth in its wireless spectrum, WestStar officials have been working toward installing a wired cable system which allows the company to expand its channel lineup. After completing two feasibility studies, WestStar is moving ahead with fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) technology.

The fibre-optic infrastructure will replace the current MMDS system and opens the door to more products and services for WestStar subscribers including interactive services. Rod Hansen, WestStar CEO says, “This is a large-scale infrastructure project which has been in the works for quite some time; we now have financing in place and have retained an engineering firm so we are ready to move.”

The announcement is being made after the ICTA granted an extension of WestStar’s fibre license and marks the start of the RFP process to build a FTTH network in Grand Cayman.

Several contractors, including one local firm, have been invited to submit bids to construct the system.  Those proposals are due at the end of December and once the winning proposal is awarded the company will commence construction.

Byers Engineering Company, with high profile clients such as Verizon wireless has been retained to oversee the project from planning to execution. The Byers team was in Cayman this week meeting with potential contractors for the project. “We’re very excited; I think it’s going to bring a lot of economic impact to the community” says Byers VP of Engineering, Charles Mayberry.

Byers will design and provide construction management services for the FTTH project. WestStar VP Jeremy Elmas says it was important to partner with an experienced engineering team saying, “The Cayman Islands is a sophisticated jurisdiction and requires an infrastructure that matches that sophistication. Partnering with a firm with the expertise and depth of Byers ensures we build a system that meets the needs of Cayman.”

In the coming weeks, WestStar officials will announce their Technology Partner and set out the deployment schedule, which should see the first customers receiving service in the first half of 2012.

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