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Well Protected

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio

Paula McGowan

The mother of one of our family’s dear friends, Dr. Stu, always amazed me. Her New York home located somewhere out in the wilds of Long Island, featured really nice looking furniture covered in plastic. Yup. Plastic.

And the thing was for all the years they owned that furniture the plastic never came off. Not once did anyone in that family ever feel the actual fabric the couch and chairs were made of.

This over-protection always boggled my mind. To this day I have never understood the logic of covering up furniture so that on the day one sells it’s as new.

Protection has its place. Terri will often put a blanket over our couch when the grandkids come over. But after they leave, we can again enjoy the fabric’s soft feel.

Amps are protected in a way that allows their full use nearly all the time. Only in the rare case where you’ve exceeded their power limitations are you thrown out of the music and required to go reset the amp.

Protection for extraordinary circumstances makes sense to me.

Protection to the point of never actually using something is about as bizarre a concept as I can imagine.

Our cool stuff needs to be used!


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