December 5, 2020

Weather system trying to form below Cayman Islands

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From Mikes Weather Page

getting juicy. Nothing in the short-term but EURO/GFS/CMC thinking some organization the end of the month. Still watching… it’s the spot that can

Overnight EURO here on still favoring western Caribbean starting to get organized this time next weekend. Overnight EURO/GFS/CMC ensembles are also supporting. This is the spot to watch this time of year. Plenty of ocean heat to help.

NHC has the western Caribbean colored now as a spot to watch. Models continue to show low pressure trying to organize as soon as next week with an eventual turn to the .

This AM (Mon 23) chances up to 40% on something trying to organize through the week. Models have been all over the place on development. Could end up just being a sloppy rainmaker. Direction seems Cuba/Bahamas/lower peninsula of Florida. Could totally miss Florida as it turns NE too. Just have to watch, wait, and see. Plenty of ocean heat to work with.


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