April 13, 2021

We did it! Sudan 50th country to ratify Forced Labour Protocol

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From Freedom United

March 21, 2021 News Digest
Forced labor

Success! Sudan ratifies ILO Forced Labour Protocol

Sudan became the fiftieth country to ratify the Forced Labour Protocol in a major milestone for Freedom United’s campaign against forced labor. The Forced Labour Protocol requires governments to adopt prevention measures, provide better protection for victims and increase access to justice. Thank you to 100,000+ Freedom United supporters who have taken action and our partners at United Nations Association of New York for helping us reach this goal! Now, let’s keep up the pressure to see other countries follow suit. 

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Law & policy

Have Qatar labor reforms helped migrant workers?

Since winning the 2022 World Cup bid, Qatar has come under global scrutiny for its treatment of migrant workers who make up 90% of the country’s workforce. In August last year, Qatar announced two major reforms intended to better protect workers from forced labor and exploitation, but numerous workers told Al Jazeera this week that they continue to be exploited and threatened with deportation or imprisonment if they try to leave their jobs. Read more…

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Forced labor
New scheme puts migrant workers in the U.K. at risk of modern slavery

A new report by Focus on Labour Exploitation and Fife Migrants Forum has exposed weaknesses in the U.K.’s new pilot Seasonal Agriculture Workers Scheme that are creating vulnerabilities to forced labor for migrant workers. Workers on the scheme have reported filthy living conditions, incurring debts from travelling to the U.K., and being threatened with deportation. Campaigners are urgently calling on the government to review the scheme.
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Human trafficking
New York moves to better support trafficking survivors
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Supply chain
U.K. knowingly sourcing gloves from Malaysian company accused of modern slavery
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