February 26, 2021

We did it! A new bill to stop fake recruiters in California

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By Herrana Addisu, Freedom United

Over the past year, readers of ieyeNews took action by calling on California to better protect all temporary workers from human trafficking and forced labor

We’re now delighted to announce that a new bill is introduced to the state legislature to stop fake recruiters and help end forced labor.[1]

This is a huge step towards tackling human trafficking in California. As you know, we have been working with our partners at Coalition Against Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) to get a new law passed. We have spoken with survivors and engaged with businesses to help us ensure this bill becomes law. 

Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez and co-author Assembly Member Luz Rivas have introduced Bill AB 364 which would require all Foreign Labor Contractors (FLCs) to be registered and that California employers only use registered FLCs to recruit temporary workers.

Under the bill, FLCs must give full and honest disclosure of terms and conditions in the recruiting process—including charging no fees. Both employers and FLCs face penalties for failure to comply.

We asked Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez what the bill means to him and he stated:  
“Legislation like AB 364 supports both workers and businesses in California, providing clarity and protections for nearly 200,000 essential workers and the industries who rely on them. Sadly, too many workers in sectors like the agricultural industry have fallen victim to predatory contacts, forced labor, retaliation, or worse. I want to thank the supporters of this legislation who are committed to protecting the dignity of work for all in California, I am honored to author AB 364.”

It is now more important than ever that we stand together so that we have the support needed to ensure the bill is passed in the upcoming legislative cycle! 

With your support, we can help pass this legislation and ensure all temporary workers in California are protected from exploitation and human trafficking. 

Share our petition with your network calling for their support in protecting all temporary workers in California!

In solidarity,  

Herrana and the Freedom United team 

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