September 26, 2020

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18 photos from the extended ‘Walking Dead’ season 7 finale

By Kirsten Acuna, INSIDER From Business Insider

Warning: There are comic spoilers and potential spoilers for “The Walking Dead” show ahead.

AMC has released several new photos for “The Walking Dead” season seven finale and while Rick is finally setting his plan in motion to take down Negan and the Saviors, it looks like Negan may have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Using what we know from the comics, we’ve gathered together official photos released by AMC and stills from the two teasers released by the network to break down everything we expect to happen on next Sunday’s extended finale.

It looks like Dwight has turned over a new leaf.

In the finale teaser trailer, Dwight tells Rick he wants Negan dead.AMC

At the end of Sunday’s episode, we see Dwight locked in a cell at Alexandria telling Rick, Daryl, and the group he wants to help them. Is it too good to be true?

Not necessarily!

Dwight famously changes sides in the comics and becomes a double agent secretly plotting against Negan. Eventually, he becomes a great ally to Rick’s crew.

Dwight has plenty to be upset with Negan over. He burned half of his face, stole his wife, and caused his wife to eventually leave the Sanctuary compound. She’s currently off on her own somewhere and could possibly be dead.

We see a bunch of Negan’s group out on the road, presumably heading to Alexandria to confront Rick.

Arat is one of Negan’s other lead Saviors.Gene Page/AMC

Negan told Sasha he heard from a “little birdie” that Rick is up to no good so he probably wants to check out what’s going on with their group.

Dwight tells Rick he can slow down the Saviors, and it looks like he may be doing just that in the finale.


We see a group of Saviors, including Simon and Negan, stopped dead in their tracks by some fallen trees. Was this caused by Dwight and Rick’s crew?

Rick’s crew are putting the TNT they stole earlier in the season to good use.


Aaron, Rosita, and Daryl appear to be setting up some explosives to lay traps for the Saviors.

We’ll also see some more gnarly zombies in the season finale.

Gene Page/AMC

Maybe Rick has taken a cue from Negan’s setup at the Sanctuary and has a series of walkers protecting the perimeter of Alexandria.

The Scavengers make their way to Alexandria and are preparing for a showdown with Negan and his Saviors.


Now that Rick’s group has acquired a sufficient amount of guns, Jadis and her gang of Scavengers are in place ready to help.

If you feel hesitant about Rick trusting this group, you should. It’s a little tough to believe Negan doesn’t know anything about the Scavengers. Hopefully, Jadis isn’t the “birdie” who tipped Negan off about Rick’s plans.

Rick’s got his game face on.

Gene Page/AMC

He’ll probably try to hide the Scavengers as long as he can so that Negan’s group is thrown off.

Rick doesn’t appear to only have a plan in place at Alexandria.


It looks like Jesus and Maggie will be helping out, too, at the Hilltop. That, or they’re onto Gregory, the Hilltop’s official leader who was last seen planning a trip to Negan’s Sanctuary to possibly give up Maggie and rat out Rick’s group.

While Rick is formulating his own plan, it’s clear Negan has something up his sleeve as well.


Negan visits Sasha in her cell and tells her that she is “gonna help make sure things get back on track today.”

When Sasha tells him no one has to die we hear him say, “You are wrong.” It’s not clear whether that’s directly said to Sasha or a clever video edit to make it appear that way.

We see Eugene escorting Sasha from her cell. Are the Saviors gearing up to bring her to Alexandria?

Who’s that figure behind Sasha and Eugene? It could be Negan, but it could also be a random Savior.AMC

It seems that way.

If you’re wondering whether something bad will happen to Sasha, most people think it’s in the cards. Sonequa Martin-Greene, the actress who plays Sasha, was cast as the lead on CBS All Access’ “Star Trek: Discovery.” As well, Sunday’s episode appeared to confirm she’ll be standing in for another character in the comics.

Dwight’s talk with Rick seems to go over well since we see him back with Negan at some point in the finale.

Dwight looks thrilled to be there.AMC

We bet this is when Negan will arrive at Alexandria to have a conversation with Rick.

Negan is wearing his signature red scarf, which probably means we can expect to see some more bloodshed.

Gene Page/AMC

The last time we saw Negan wearing his red scarf was back in the season six finale when he lined up Rick’s crew to brutally kill two of the members of his group.

Negan only brings this out for special occasions.

At this point in the comics, Negan lines up Rick’s crew for another potential bloody meeting with his baseball bat. It turns out differently the second time in the comics, but since the initial lineup didn’t go over well with audiences at the end of season six and start of season seven, it will be interesting to see whether or not the show changes things up a little.

Eugene will be taking the trip along with Negan.

Gene Page/AMC

Eugene seems to have changed allegiances for his own personal interests.

Will he come face to face with Rick’s crew? If so, will they be horrified to see that Eugene has apparently switched sides so easily?

What’s under that tarp Eugene has closely guarded?

Gene Page/AMC

Is Sasha inside some sort of holding cell or crate?

That would certainly change up how an important scene in the comics plays out.

Michonne looks like she’s a bit farther away in a sniper position; however, it looks like she’s worried over something.


If you pay close attention to the teaser, it looks like something may not be going well. Michonne’s bottom lip is trembling.

Whatever the group is looking at, it doesn’t look good judging by Rosita’s expression.

What could make Rosita have this look on her face?AMC

It’s not looking great for Sasha.

King Ezekiel is also rounding up his troops to head to battle with Carol and his tiger Shiva by his side.

You know you’re in for a good time when Carol’s in fight mode.AMC

Hopefully, they’re on their way to Alexandria to surprise the Saviors from behind.

If you follow the comics, we’re hoping to see Shiva finally do more than lie around in the finale.

Will Morgan fight with the Kingdom or will he venture off on his own?


The last time we saw Morgan, he wasn’t doing so well. In the teasers for the season finale, Morgan is seen wearing the armor of Benjamin, who was recently killed by the Saviors. When King Ezekiel asks him if he’s wearing it to honor Ben or to serve himself, Morgan doesn’t give much of an answer.

Ezekiel tells Morgan to fight alongside them. While he appears to nod to him, Carol, and the Kingdom, it’s not clear whether Morgan may have another plan in mind.

We’ll have to wait to find out during the season seven finale 9 p.m. April 2 on AMC.

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