January 23, 2022

Visually impaired man removed from shop because of guide dog

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From BBC

Video of a visually impaired man and his dog being ejected from a supermarket have caused a social media stir in France.

Arthur Aumoite posted video online of his shopping trip to a Monoprix outlet in Marseille with his guide dog, Loya.

The footage shows a staff member telling him that he and his dog must leave for “hygiene reasons”.

An altercation follows in which another staff member is seen taking away Mr Aumoite’s guide dog, Loya.

The incident was filmed by a third person who was accompanying Mr Aumoite.

When confronted, Mr Aumoite appears to try to explain that French accessibility laws permit guide dogs in any public place.

Mr Aumoite also told FranceTvinfo that the paper which can be seen in the video is a flyer with the relevant information.

He says this was ignored, with the manager repeating that no animals of any kind are permitted for hygiene reasons.

As the situation escalates, he challenges the shop worker to call the police, and refuses to leave, saying he is being discriminated against.

After several minutes, one staff member can be seen pushing Mr Aumoite towards the door while a security worker seizes the handle of Loya’s brace and pulls the guide dog away from Mr Aumoite and out of the shop.

The incident has been widely publicised by the French guide dog association and federation of the blind as an example of the discrimination its members face.

The French guide dog association ANMCGA said Mr Aumoite asked them to help broadcast the video, which has since been viewed more than one million times on Mr Aumoite’s Facebook page alone.

Monoprix, the supermarket chain in question, apologised for the way he had been treated.

It said the company “strongly condemned” what had happened and said it had been fighting discrimination “of all kinds” for years.

In his Facebook post about the experience, Mr Aumoite said Loya accompanies him everywhere, even to hospital.

“Loya gives me so much joy and autonomy, that I would never change for a cane,” he wrote.

For more on this story and video go to: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45808628

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