July 30, 2021

Visions of a Mermaid in Grand Cayman

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006From Deep blue Images

Mermaid Leda travelled all the way from South Africa to Grand Cayman with her tail in tow.

This was by far, one of our most memorable photo shoots of 2014.

This adventurous island shoot took several days, loads of camera gear, including our underwater housing rig, as we searched for the best photographic locations that would suit a mermaid. We took her to our favorite places in Cayman…the North Wall, Stingray City, Smith Cove and the beaches of South Sound.

Photographing a mermaid is a challenge as you must balance ambient light with fill light, as well as air and exposures, while free diving amongst unpredictable underwater conditions. This was a team effort from the DBI photographers, each managing to capture a unique angle with a different lens. We choose our favorites mermaid photos to share with all those who dream of life under the sea. We hope that our creativity inspires more mermaids to come our way.

For more on this story and images go to: http://deepblueimages.com/dbi/2014/10/15/grand-cayman-island-photo-shoot/




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