September 24, 2022

Vintage Voltage

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Vintage Voltage: A Photo Feature Part 1
By Bill Leebens, Copper Magazine from PS Audio

Researching and writing theoretical and historical pieces is a lot of work, and can get a little dry. As a change of pace, I present pics from Vintage Voltage, a local meet held Sunday, March 18, which included the annual show of the Colorado Radio Collectors Club, and then branched off into guitars, hi-fi, records, test gear, and more. I’ve skipped the record vendors, as they basically all looked alike; I also skipped the guitars for the most part, as to my uneducated eye, it looked like pretty mundane stuff—apologies if it wasn’t, but how many Strats can you look at without lapsing into geeky fervor over minutiae?

My apologies for some of the pics: apparently I still had some shaky hands left over from my recent marathon cold. And now….


View from above—this section was the show of the Colorado Radio Collectors Club.

Plastic clock radios don’t do anything for me, but I guess some folks like them.

The second room contained vintage hi-fi, records, guitars, and whatever.

That dark thing under the cassettes is an Apple Hi-Fi. Oddly rare.

Ho-hum, old McIntosh gear was everywhere. ;->

I’m a sucker for big German tabletop radios like this Grundig.

The label says “Vietnam era field switchboard, complete.” Huh.

Carver Amazing Loudspeakers behind some homebuilt line arrays. Seller wanted to explain to me what a line array was. I said, “Thanks. I’m familiar with the concept.”

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