October 25, 2020

View from the Ancient Temple of Delphi, Greece


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GMA_4309-1000x1000By Gary Arndt From Everything Everywhere

My name is Gary Arndt.
In March 2007 I sold my house and have been traveling around the world ever since. Since I started traveling, I have probably done and seen more than I have in the rest of my life combined.
So far I have visited all 7 continents, over 170 countries and territories around the world, every US state and territory, every Canadian province, every Australian state and territory, over 125 US National Park Service sites and over 285 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
I have also:
Gone dog sledding in the Canadian Yukon
Bungee jumped in New Zealand
Floated in the Dead Sea
Crossed the arctic circle in the Yukon
Rode in a Formula 1 car at 180mpg (300kph) in Spain
Been in the water with great white sharks in South Africa
Dove in the ruins of the Great Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt
Me and kids on Rennell Island
Me and village kids on Rennell in the Solomon Islands
Had an entire remote white sand beach to myself in Fiji
Swam with whale sharks in Australia
Been spelunking in Borneo
Rode the world’s highest zip line in Puerto Rico
Rode out a tsunami in Hawaii
Visited an active war zone in Cambodia
Resisted the temptation to take a $5,000,000 moon rock in the Solomon Islands
Been kicked out of the nation of Kiribati
Experienced the Thai New Year (Songkran) in Bangkok
Experienced Holy Week in Jerusalem
Got caught in the middle of a political protest in Thailand
Swam with jellyfish in Palau
Visited many of the greatest museums on Earth

For the last few months I’ve had dozens of people asking me about where and when my 2015 travel photography tour was going to take place. After working with G Adventures for the last few months, I’m finally ready to make the announcement.
This year’s travel photography tour will be heading to South America and will be in the GALAPAGOS ISLANDS!

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